“Don’t be afraid to mess up”: Monica Mulhern, Student Life Editor

It’s odd having to write this, it does not even feel real. It still feels like I just entered high school and thought I had no real control as to what is going to happen next. Though, now that I’m leaving with a newly found sense of confidence, I realized that the future will not be as bad as I thought it might be. It is normal to be afraid of the unknown (and to be frank, I still am), yet there is more reassurance that it will not end in destruction. It may not exactly be perfect, but it won’t be the end of the world, and that realization for me during high school was crucial for my growth. 

When I arrived at RV, I did not think I would want to be remembered. I believed I was just going to be a random student who played an instrument and that’s it. Fini.

In the end though, I want to be remembered as someone who helped. Between performing in RV’s Marching Band, to editing for T\the Holly Spirit, to tutoring, I want to be remembered as somebody who put in their effort to help others with anything, whether it be to make their day better or to inform people of current events. Additionally, being a part of this community is something I am truly thankful for; RV’s community is very supportive, helpful, and makes you feel at home, which is exactly why I want to be remembered as someone who could help with anything.

I’d like to thank my friends for being there for me throughout high school; the amount of emotional turmoil that happens during high school to anyone really shows how important it is to have someone through it all. However, I really want to thank the marching band for reintroducing to me my passion for music while providing me with my current friends. The Holly Spirit, too, helped me reach out of my shell and inform people of the many happenings of today, along with giving me the opportunity to understand people better. It was a fun time and really emphasized how important communication is between a team, as without it, people can end up lost, confused, or even discouraged and unmotivated.

For new writers, don’t be afraid to mess up! It happens to all of us and mistakes need to happen before you improve. Sure, you want to be good on your first try, but it takes time and you do not have to be completely perfect with writing! The Holly Spirit is a supportive community and we are completely willing to help with any issues that occur. Above all, though, remember that change is normal and completely okay. Change occurs naturally and it’s sometimes crucial that it happens, so to everybody, remember that change is necessary, even if it is uncomfortable, to be more comfortable with life in general.


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