RV increased in-person instruction

Hybrid students will be going into school twice a week in the third quarter


A post announcing the cohort change from RV’s Instagram account

Mya Collins, News Writer

Rancocas Valley released information about decreasing the number of cohorts in the school to allow students who choose the hybrid model to come into school two times a week rather than once in an email sent out on January 20. 

After careful consideration, the change will be put into effect Monday, February 1 as the second semester commences. 

The student body will be divided into two cohorts: the Red Cohort comprises students with the last names A-K, while the White Cohort is students with the last names L-Z. The Red Cohort will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays and the White Cohort on Thursdays and Fridays, with some exceptions to the schedule. 

Per the Department of Health’s recommendation to not mix cohorts during high-risk status, all students will be remote and have Friday off for the week of January 25, which allows staff to prepare for the transition into the second semester. 

Families still have the opportunity to change from the hybrid model to a remote status by contacting the Pandemic Response Team, but there are no longer any openings for students to switch to hybrid after being 100% virtual until April 14. 

Through the trial and error stages that RV went through as a school to make learning during COVID-19 as stress-free as possible, this change brings RV one step closer to normalcy in the midst of what seems to be a never-ending situation.