RV Girls Varsity Basketball wins over Gloucester Catholic in a tight game

The shootout ended in a victory from big efforts by seniors Haley Joyce and Sam Poljevka


Seniors Kylie Bradford, Sam Poljevka, Haley Joyce, Emalie Clothier, Jimmie Adams, and Emma Hruby. Photo courtesy of Mr. McHugh

Jya Marshall, Assistant Sports Editor

The RV Girls Varsity Basketball team snatched yet another consecutive win, ending with a score of 35-33, to add to their record 3-0 against Gloucester Catholic on Saturday. Although the score was swinging back and forth for most of the game, the girls worked together and were victorious. 

As the COVID pandemic has developed into one of society’s norms, this year will produce a season unlike any other as the limitations on games, spectators and team bonding has increased; the girls did not let it stop them from having a successful season, especially the senior players like Sam Poljevka. 

“Although this is not how I envisioned my senior season to go, I am just so thankful every day that we can be on the court,” said Poljevka. “The group of girls we have this year is incredible…everyone gets along so well and all practices run super smoothly.”

Saturday was Senior Night, and in past years, the entire school, families and athletic and educational administrators would celebrate the seniors on the team and the bitter-sweet moment of their last few games as Rancocas Valley Devils. However, this year, the gym was scarcely filled with only coaches, teammates and some family members. Yet, the younger members of the team still showed their profound appreciation with homemade, sentimental gifts for their older teammates; Jimmie Adamas, Emma Hruby, Haley Joyce, Sam Poljevka and captains Emaile Clothier and Kylie Bradford.

After the honorary ceremony for the seniors, the buzzer sounded, initiating the start of the first quarter. Although Gloucester Catholic had possession first and put the first points on the board, RV quickly turned it around lead by point guard Clothier who immediately released the ball to Poljevka, who had a jump shot and scored two points. Continuing to work together the team gained nine points and led the game against Gloucester Catholic’s eight points. 

Entering the game in the second quarter were junior Naveah Byrdsong, sophomore Maggie St Claire and junior Rayven Henley, who worked together defensively alongside junior captain Adriana Augusto, Joyce and Poljevka to add eight more points to the board. By the end of the quarter, Gloucester Catholic lead the game with 18 points and RV trailed not far behind with 17 points. 

In the third and fourth quarter, the score was swinging back and forth, but the girls successfully  increased their passes, took every shot they could and eeked past Glouster Catholic, ending with a close score of 35-33. 

Reflecting on the game, Clothier stated, “I think our whole team will admit that Saturday’s game wasn’t our best game, but our hard work, determination, and desire to win another game to continued to be undefeated enabled us to win against Gloucester Catholic which is something I am really proud of.”

“Everyone contributed something whether it be passing the ball well, making shots, getting hard offensive and defensive rebounds, or playing hard lockdown defense, “said Joyce. “I am so happy to be a part of this team because we support each other no matter what and our hard work and teamwork are really paying off.” 

“Any time you beat a Gloucester Catholic team, it’s an accomplishment,” head coach Anthony Corrado told NJ.com following the game. “They are so well coached and so disciplined. They do so many of the little things correctly. You can’t make mental mistakes against Gloucester Catholic.”

Overall, the girls have endured various challenges caused by the pandemic, yet they united together and proved that they will be formidable challengers on and off the court.