The second semester of a year unlike any other: a new beginning

A new schedule signals a desperately needed fresh start for many

Madison Dutcher, Student Life Editor

The feeling of anxiety takes over your body. Sweat is emerging from the palm of your hands. You look up at your computer screen and barely recognize anyone. Welcome to the second semester of high school and a new schedule. 

For many students at RV, the second semester of high school almost feels like the first day of school all over again. New teachers, new classmates, new classrooms. With the first semester coming to an end, a feeling of relief — or sorrow — fills the hallways. However, one thing is for sure, a feeling of hope has been sparked throughout the school. 

“The cohorts going two days a week is a positive move in the right direction,” said teacher Sara Redfield. 

RV recently announced that the school will be combining cohorts to “Red” and “White,” split by last name, with Red going on Monday and Tuesday and White going on Thursday and Friday. The announcement gives students and faculty a sign of hope that school will be a little more normal. 

“I’m happier about the cohorts combining. When we were split into four cohorts, I would go in my classes and be the only one in there, or there would be one other student in the classroom with me. The new schedule is definitely more exciting,” said senior Kelsey Heron. 

Students and teachers alike are eager for a fresh start. The cohorts will hopefully allow more students to go into school while taking safety precautions. Teachers are especially excited to make changes to their teaching style. 

“This semester, it’s not like I’m starting from scratch like the first semester. I know my method and my agenda. I am tweaking out the kinks from the first semester,” stated Redfield. 

Students are already seeing a change in their classes from the first semester.

“The teachers are a lot more prepared after they have gone through a whole semester of doing virtual learning. The lessons are more planned out,” said Heron.

The second semester enables students to be more consistent with their learning. They are able to expect what is needed from them and what is given from the teachers. 

Semester one was like a trial for everyone. No one knew what it was going to be like or how everyone was going to adapt. Redfield is proud of the students of RV. “I’ve been really impressed with students and their resilience. They are being able to adapt and overcome the situation.”

The second semester will hopefully continue to be successful. Students are optimistic that with the vaccine rolling out and restrictions being lifted, the school will be more consistent with staying open. Everyone is just hoping to get back to a little bit of normalcy even if that means going into school for two days a week.