Cole’s Corner: a Valentine’s Day couples workout

Looking to spice up your love life? The two-person full body workout worth giving a shot.


"Couples Workout Doing Beach Yoga" by Duncan Rawlinson - is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Grab your partner and work up a sweat with a romantic and fulfilling workout

Tanner Cole, Sports Editor

Cole’s Corner is a regular sports column by senior Sports Editor Tanner Cole. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and the recent increase in working out (thanks to the boredom of the pandemic), a good couple’s workout is handy for those who enjoy working out with their significant other. It is worth noting that you could also do this workout with a single person, but only on February 15, which is Singles Awareness Day.  Having a partner, though, will force you to mentally to work harder.

The workout is a superset workout, which means there are two workouts, and you and your partner switch in between. These workouts are solely based on body weight, so no weights or equipment are necessary; just two people willing enough to follow my “professional advice.”

Kidding: not professional.

Her is an example of what a superset workout looks like:

  • 2 Workouts: Plank, jump squats
  • Rounds: 3-5
  • Time: 35 seconds on/25 seconds off

So, with this workout Person A is planking for 35 seconds simultaneously while Person B is doing jump squats. I suggest using your iPhone stopwatch; start the time and do the workout until the 35 seconds mark, then wait until the new minute mark to start your opposite workout. Person A drops from their plank at 35 seconds and prepares for 25 seconds (until the new minute mark) to doing jump squats. Vice versa for Person B. This continues on for three to five rounds. The purpose of supersetting is to sweat; the constant movement builds a sweat, which is what we want. 

To start our lovely workout, we want to get your heart rate up. I suggest doing this for about ten to fifteen minutes. This way we don’t abruptly start working out muscles. You can run outside in the cold, use a treadmill if you want one, or do quick cardio like jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, or pretending to jump over a line side to side with your feet next to each other. Just something where your feet are moving; nothing special.

In this workout, there will be a total of eight exercises. If you can do the math, that means four different sets and each set will consist of three to five rounds, depending on what you’re feeling.

Here is a basic explanation of each exercise and a modification for each.

  1. Pushups: standard procedure here. Fingers spread, elbows slightly tucked in, hands under shoulders, straight line from your heels to your neck, and go down and up.
    • Modification: knees down.
  2. Jumping lunge squats: standard lunge, but to change feet, explode into the air, and switch feet back and forth each jump. USE YOUR CORE.
    • Modification: lunge one foot at a time. Keeps your back straight and eyes forward.
  3. Flutter kicks: lay on your back, hands by your side, heels together and lift both your feet six inches off the ground, point your toes out and start doing small kicks with your feet. It will burn.
    • Modification: put hands underneath your butt and kick, and/or hold your feet still at six inches off the ground.
  4. Low/high plank: start in high plank position, AKA the pushup position. Move down to elbows one arm at a time. If you think this is wrong, you are doing it right. Continuously move from the low plank to the high plank during the duration of the time.
    • Modification: regular high or low plank and/or move to knees.
  5. Jump squats: standard squats, but after dropping down, explode up and land softly on your feet. Use your balance and core to maintain your form to smoothly transition back into your squat after landing. Remember tp keep your back as straight as you can, keep your head up and hinge your hips.
    • Modification: regular bodyweight squat.
  6. Mountain Climbers: get into a high plank position and begin bringing your knee towards your chin. Repeat with each foot until you are in a running, or climbing, motion.
    • Modification: do a high plank or push through until you drop (and don’t worry about time).
  7. Calf raises: bring heels and toes of both feet together and bring both feet onto your tippy-toes until you feel your calf muscle working. Best to do with your heel hanging off the edge off stairs to allow a good range of movement and work the muscle.
  8. V-ups: lay on your back in the same position as flutter kicks. Bring your heels together and off the ground. Meet your knees and chest in the middle to make a V-shape from your knees to your hips to your chest. Slowly release and return to your starting six inches position.
    • Modification: put feet on ground after making the “V” or simple health class sit-up.

Below is what the supersets would look like together.



Just follow this simple guide to doing the workout. I hope it is not too complicated. After doing the workout, we must recover. I hate it too. I get it, it’s rough, but it is something that must be done. Although, the recovery is subjective. You might be feeling like your quadricep is tight, so grab your foot and bring it to your butt. You might feel like your heart is racing a little too fast, so put your hands on your head and walk around. As long as you do something where there is not an abrupt stop to working the muscles.

I was immensely, indescribably excited to write this piece, and I say that with as much sarcasm as you are willing to read into. And, I am happy for the — not to put a number on it —  one or two couples who actually do the workout. So, thank you. It means my time doing this might actually mean something. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.