Top 5 Romantic Movies

Whether you’re single or boo’d up, these romantic movies will provide a night full of love


Maya Martin, Assistant Editor, Arts & Culture

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s only right to snuggle up with your date — or pillow — and watch some sweet or cheesy romantic movies. Although it was a hard call to rank such fun films, IMDB has come up with a list crowning the top five romantic movies. From cheerful rom-coms to heart-throbbing relationships, the top five best romantic movies are definitely something to check out this holiday.

Coming in at number five is the hit romantic musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, “La La Land.” It broke the box office by making almost $450,000 USD. The story is a sweet, lighthearted film about a pianist and actress who fall in love while following their future dreams and lifelong aspirations. The dancing, the singing and acting mixed with the perfect stage chemistry between actors made this flick Oscar award-winning.

At number four is “Singin’ in the Rain,” a light and cheerful musical about how two actors, Don and Lina, normally cast as a romantic couple, take a turn when the pair is cast in their first non-silent film. Hardships are always more fun when paired with show tunes, and the chemistry and comedy of their relationship makes this film a classic rom-com; even including the famous song in correlation to the movie title, “I’m Singing In the Rain.” The musical is considered to be cheesy to many people, but it embodies the great 1950’s movie charisma by starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds.

Taking the number three spot by storm is the whirl-wind of a film, “Gone with the Wind,” During the Civil War, socialite Scarlette O’Hara has to navigate between her social status and finding love. After the man she had pined for year marries his cousin, Scarlette finds comfort in another man. The film focuses on her struggle between the turbulent world around her makes and her difficultly to attain love the way she wants even though it is always out of reach.

In the number two spot is the late 80’s rom-com, “When Harry Met Sally.” The film begins when Harry and Sally share a ride back to New York together. During the eighteen-hour trip, Harry remarks that a woman and man could never be just friends. They bump into each other many times over the course of the next decade and when they finally reunite, they have to determine for themselves if they can sustain their friendship without romantic feelings getting in the way.

Finally, the world-renowned film that made way to the number one spot is “Casablanca.” Set in the early stages of World War II, a night cafe owner and former American named Rick Blaine runs a hotspot for fugitives and refugees. He is used to people requesting letters from him that will allow them passage to America, but what he was not expecting was a visit from his ex-lover. When Rick’s old flame and her husband come into his cafe looking for a way to get to America, Rick has to make a decision. From an incredible plot line to heart-warming scenes, “Casablanca” rightfully earned the first spot in the top five best romantic comedies.

IMDB’s list pulled together a well-rounded variety of romantic films that range from heat-warmers to heart-throbs. Some honorable mentions also acknowledged by IMDB are “Titanic” in number six, “The Notebook” in number 9 and “Pride and Prejudice” as number eleven. These movies — on top of the top five — demonstrate the range of love films and rom coms out there to enjoy. Whether your Valentine’s Day is a date night or a stay-at-home-and-stuff-your-face-with-ice-cream kind of night, it is definitely worth it to check out some of these top five romantic movies and make your Valentine’s Day a little extra cheerful.