Virtual date Ideas

Can’t see your boo in person this Valentine’s Day? We have some cute and fun ideas to keep the romance alive.


Riley Ruiz, Student Life Editor

Dating during a pandemic is hard, but finding virtual dating ideas is just as difficult.

As Valentine’s Day approaches and COVID-19 cases continue to rise, couples are in need of a safe alternative. If you and your partner are unable to see each other, then this is the place for you and even better, you are able to do these from the comfort of your own home at a minimal cost!

From a cooking night to movie night, here are a couple of ideas to still create a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Virtual Cooking Night/ Virtual Dinner Date

Since food is the key to anyone’s heart, a virtual cooking night might just be the solution for you. Set up a FaceTime call or Google Hangout and cook one of your favorite meals together, but virtually! If you don’t feel like cooking, then order takeout and eat from the comfort of your home while on your call. There are several delivery options such as UberEats and DoorDash that offer a wide variety of places to choose from. Both of these delivery apps have a feature that allows you to order food to someone else’s house and share with them the tracking link. 

(Online) Game Night

There are a plethora of two-player games on your iPhone, console and computer to play and be entertained for hours on end. Popular apps such as Snapchat and Facebook have numerous two-player games built into the app that aren’t half bad. On your computer, there are lots of websites with hundreds of games to choose from that are for two players. 

Paint/Draw Together

For all the artistic couples, a painting night is perfect! There are numerous virtual, guided group painting nights or, of course, you can just FaceTime. Using whatever supplies you have on hand, whether it is a canvas and some brushes or a piece of printer paper and crayons, just decide what you want to paint and have fun! It can be fun portraits of each other, or landscapes found on Google.

Netflix Party

Netflix party is a downloadable app for your computer where you are able to watch movies with your boo, on Netflix, and react live with a chat feature provided. It is a simple alternative to the generic movie night, but you are able to do it safely, aka, social-distancing style.


There is nothing like a little competition! There are hundreds of challenges you can complete virtually like try not to laugh videos and other viral challenges found on TikTok or the Internet (try searching for #datenightchallenge on TikTok). The items needed for the challenges are most likely lying around your house. The best part is that it is free and safe!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean just flowers and fawning over each other. Virtual dates can be safe, rewarding and fulfilling with a little effort. Plus, any of these ideas will make it that much sweeter one you can finally see your boo in person.