5 best Valentine’s Day gifts this year

These Valentine’s Day gifts are the perfect way to show love to your special someone


Photo via Pixabay.com

Glynnis Bastas, Arts & Culture Writer

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of one’s love for their significant other or a special partner in their lives. Many times, people give presents as a symbol of their thanks and appreciation for their partner. Over the years, certain gifts have become customary during Valentine’s Day such as chocolates, roses, teddy bears and jewelry. However, there are also many gifts out there that are unique for each individual. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best (non-cliche) gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Starting off at number one, we have the perfect gift for movie lovers all over (including myself). It is a “100 Movies Scratch off Poster” from uncommongoods.com. In each box is a fan favorite Netflix movie, and when you scratch out the box, underneath is a cherished Hollywood film, such as “A Streetcar Named Desire” or “It’s A Wonderful Life.You and your significant other can now watch vintage movies without having to go out. The cinema is brought straight to your home.

Next up is customizable jewelry from amazon.com. You can choose from a variety of colored chains, charms and lengths. On the front and back of the piece, you can also leave a message for your special someone. This is a great, personal gift for couples to share and the meaning will last a lifetime. 

We are halfway through the list ladies and gentlemen. Number three is fun for all, and a great way to visually remember the best times you both had together. Photo albums, which you can get at Target, Walmart and many other stores, online or onsite. You can buy supplies to decorate it however you would like. Stores like Michaels and other art supply shops have paints, markers and any other materials you may need. 

Number four is a classic, but I do believe that it is still pretty relevant and a lot of fun. Going to the movies with your significant other is always a blast, and one of our local theaters that has the top recommendations, according to yelp.com, is Regal Burlington. They have very accommodating staff, varieties of snacks, drinks (certain ones you have to be over 21) and spacious seating. A movie theater date is also an iconic first date, so have fun picking cinema from all genres and eras.

To finish off our list, I wanted to find something that was non-cliche, unique and special to give to someone, but honestly, I couldn’t find any. But, these are the top five gifts, so I racked my brain to see if there was anything I missed, and I thought of one thing which is using your words. Many people would love to hear their partner tell them how much they mean to them, instead of getting a materialistic gift. Love can be shown through actions and words. Tell that special someone how you really feel. I mean, I totally understand, gifts are really nice and can be symbols of love, but the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is to show love for your partner. I believe that telling them what you really feel for them is the greatest gift anyone can ask for.