RV continues to move towards having more students in the building

Will RV hybrid students be able to attend in person school for more than two days a week?


Art courtesy of 3polies and renderhub.com

Mikaela Bennett, News Writer

The 2020-2021 school year has been one of the most different school years that RV has ever seen. Although students have not been able to go to school daily, schools have been working towards adding more days onto the school year, as it is very important to the students.

On September 28, 2020, RV began a hybrid schedule allowing students to enter the school on their designated cohort days. Cohorts A, B, C and D would enter the school one day a week. As this schedule continued, many students switched to virtual leaving only a small portion of students in the school.

Recently, RV changed the hybrid schedule so students could enter the school two days a week. The “Red” cohort consisting of students with the last names from A-L enters the school on Mondays and Tuesdays. The “White” cohort with students with the last names from M-Z enter the school on Thursdays and Fridays. Due to the drop of students that went virtual, this schedule is working well for staff and students.

With RV’s cleaning procedures, social distancing and masks, going to school has been made safe for everyone attending. In the near future, schools are hoping to allow students to be in school for more than two days a week. As it becomes safe to do so, RV will be looking into the possibility. 

As of March 15, teachers will be required to be back in the building for their full contractual hours five days a week. This is a big change, as many teachers opt to teach remotely on Wednesdays when the rest of the school is remote. It could be a sign that the school plans on shifting again towards returning more students to the building before the end of the school year.

Being able to be in a classroom environment with other students is extremely important. Although not many students have been able to have this during the school year, RV is working towards having this sooner than later.

Keeping students and staff safe is a priority for RV. With the right safety procedures in place, the school can increase the in person days in the nearby future.