Cole’s Corner: Tom Brady and a boring football game

We all hate Tom Brady…so let’s hate him some more

Tanner Cole, Sports Editor

Cole’s Corner is a regular sports column by senior Sports Editor Tanner Cole. 

The stage was set. The two teams everyone did not play in the Super Bowl made it to the Super Bowl. Reigning World Champions Kansas City Chiefs took on the Tamba Buccaneers led by godly Tom Brady.

For the average American viewer this game is a loss-loss.

You have a team you do not care for that already won a Super Bowl last year, so it’d be greedy of them to win another. So, you want the other team to win. The downside: Tom Brady is on that other team. No one wants Tom Brady to win another Super Bowl. Correction: Nobody wanted Tom Brady to win another Super Bowl. Yet, we all know what happened in the end. Some could argue that it happened at halftime. Mr. Brady slipping that 7th chunky ring onto his finger and smiling at the world. It is a tough sight, but it happened and it happened in a way that was bad, but it was the good of the bad.

The final score of the game was 31-9. Twenty-two point differential or three total touchdowns. That’s a pretty big blowout considering this is supposed to be the closest game of the season. Yet, the most threatening offense in the NFL did not even score a single touchdown. Watching the game was frustrating. I don’t care for any team, but oh my, make it interesting.

Not that the Philadelphia Eagles have much to show for anymore, but I was pleased with our 2018 Super Bowl game. That was a good game, and for someone who may have not even been a fan for the Eagles or Patriots, it was likely a thriller. The 2021 Super Bowl, conversely, was not exciting. For a Tampa Bay fan, sure, it was exciting. But, I, and likely you, are not Tampa Bay fans. 

I will get around to my Tom Brady part, but first I have to talk about the Chiefs and how horrible of a Super Bowl performance they played. We know that the Chiefs defense is not top-tier. They have a few honorable-mention names, but they are not anything crazy. I think they would have been happy if they let up a three touchdown game, but instead they let up a four touchdown game.

The reason the Chiefs can play with a mediocre-to-good defense is because they can play absolutely phenomenal on offense. According to Football Database, the Chiefs average 29.6 points per game, which is a near guaranteed 30 point game each game. For reference, the Eagles this season didn’t even score 30 points in a game this season. Although, in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs offense was short of expectations: 20.6 points short of expectations. The Chiefs looked more like the Eagles’ receivers, dropped passes from top-tier receivers and all, which may have not cost them the win, but it stopped them from making it a close game.

Now, for the Tom Brady part. I hate him, but you have already heard that a million times. Just like you’ve also heard I hate him, but he is the greatest of all-time; or better known as the G.O.A.T. No one can or will do what he has done. And, it’s not even like this is a Lebron vs. Michael Jordan talk, where you can compare years in the league to successful championship visits vs. wins; Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. He is the only player with 10 visits, seven-won championships. He has secured his spot for a football legacy no one will near; not to mention the man is 43. Many RV parent are younger than him and Brady is winning Super Bowls. My father, who is currently 48 (not to throw him under the bus) would not have been able to throw for three touchdowns against the Chiefs at age 43. The human body is not built to be hit for 20 years and still be able to perform at his level.

It is tough to wrap your head around, yet we have to. The best part is that unless Brady gets injured, then he will likely go for another championship run. I don’t know about winning a championship at age 44, but he will put up a fight because he has heart for the game. And it’s tough to beat heart.