Meet the new Eagles staff

Recent hires by the Eagles franchise do little to assuage fears and concerns

Scotty Allen, Sports Writer

The 2021 offseason has been very eventful for the Philadelphia Eagles. Many fans are even more frustrated as they have replaced all the coaches and signs point that this offseason may get worse.

The Eagles’ new head coach, Nick Sirianni, was the offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts. He has little play calling experience and the offense was very dynamic in Indianapolis. Hopefully, this will transition to a very dormant offense of the Eagles.

According to, former Eagles offensive coach and Colts Head Coach Frank Reich said this of Sirianni, “He’s ready for all of it. This is the right person at the right time for the Eagles.” Reich had a dominant offense when he was with the Eagles, so his comment certainly has weight. Sirianni is young for a head coach and has no coaching and play calling experience, though he has completely switched up the Eagles coaching staff.

He’s ready for all of it. This is the right person at the right time for the Eagles.”

— Colts HC Frank Reich on Nick Sirianni

The Eagles new defensive coordinator (after Jim Schwartz took a year off) is Jonathan Gannon from the Indianapolis Colts. He was the defensive backs and cornerbacks coach for the Colts and he helped rejuvenate young corners. “His football IQ is off the charts. His players play well for him,” Sirianni said of Gannon in a press conference at the end of January. “His players love him. His energy is contagious.” The Eagles have had many problems with corners and safeties, so hopefully Gannon can fix them up. Eagles fans should have hope as there’s a great young group of coaches who are very smart and get along with players. 

The Eagles new offensive coordinator is Shane Steichen who was the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers. He has had great success with quarterbacks through his tenure of coaching. He got the best out of Phillip Rivers and out of Justin Herbert, who just won Rookie of the Year last year. The Eagles have had some problems with their quarterback situation the last year (and now that Carson Wentz has been traded, there is sure to be more controversy), and hope Steichen can come to Philly and get the best out of their quarterbacks and offense.

“I’ve seen Shane at work, I’ve seen Shane grind, I’ve seen Shane dig for all the little things on the tape to give us the best play possible to put our guys in position to win,” Sirianni said of Steichen in a press conference. This is great for the Eagles as they lacked an offensive coordinator last year, and definitely need someone to get the players to perform well and be motivated.

This new batch of young motivated coaches should be a good sign for the future of the Eagles organization, as the Eagles finished 4-11-1 last year and underperformed to the high expectations set for them. The salary cap space is low and the team is old which are not good factors when the team is trying to restart. Sirianni is placed into a hard position and everyone is looking at him to fix everything. The recent trade of Wentz, along with several key players (including DeSean Jackson and potentially Alshon Jeffery) not returning, and plethora of injuries, the Eagles are not looking good and it should be a very interesting offseason.

Welcome to Philly and hopefully, the Eagles will be back to winning.