Taylor Swift is rerecording her music

After a number of drawn-out legal battles and internet chaos, the pop star finds independence in rerecording her music

Maya Martin, Assistant Editor, Arts & Culture

Stress, stolen songs and secrets could not stop Taylor Swift from being one of the greatest female singers and influencers. Pop sensation Swift announced in 2019 she would be rerecording all her old albums after her the CEO of her record deal company, Scott Borchetta, manipulated the singer and sold her songs.

Swift signed with Big Machine when she was just a sixteen-year-old country singer with a dream. According to Swift, there was always something “noticeably off” about Borchetta, which eventually led to her decision to sign with another company. Swift worked her way up and eventually signed a new contract with Republic Records. After drama and even “bullying,” in Swift’s words, from Borchetta, the CEO sold her first five albums to Scooter Baum for over $300 million in 2019. The internet exploded with confusion and taking sides until Swift was able to tweet about her experience and explain to fans the sale of her previous work. She showed letters, exposing Baum’s team for selling her music yet again without her knowledge to another company, Shamrock Holdings.

This has, fortunately, only been a minor setback for Swift, and she announced her contract allowed her to rerecord her music in November 2020. “I can record albums one-five all over again,” Swift said in an interview with “Good Morning America.”  “I’m very excited about it. Because I think that artists deserve to own their work. I feel very passionate about that.” She has promised to rerecord her albums; “Taylor Swift,” “Fearless,” “Speak Now,” “Red” and “1989.” If Swift has taught her fans (and even doubters) one thing, it is to never let an inconvenience take away from your hard work and dream.

One year later after the drama and feuding, and Swift is already on the path of the reclamation of her music. “Fearless” (Taylor’s version) will be released on April 11, 2021. All the songs and even the album name are followed by “(Taylor’s Version),” which was her personal touch to show her ownership and perseverance. Swift already gave fans a taste of her restored album by releasing her rerecorded hit song, “Love Story (Taylor’s Version).” The song, although not much different from the original version, symbolizes Swift’s determination to never give up.