Ways to avoid senioritis: the final chapter

Reasons why — and ways to — avoid the dreaded senioritis as we head into the final quarter of your high school career

Madison Dutcher, Student Life Editor

To my fellow senior classmates, we are almost there. It’s something that seems so close, yet so far away. This time of year looks a lot different compared to junior year; last year, we could barely lift our heads out of the books and were studying more than ever. From SAT preps to college applications, full course schedules and AP classes, junior year was kicking everyone’s butts. 

Senior year is known for the perks: senior class trip, prom and graduation. College decisions have been slowly rolling out and every day another senior has committed to a college. Even though the timeline of events is coming closer than anticipated, we are not done yet. 

Despite the challenges this year has presented, the yearly tradition of “senioritis” has reared its head once again. Senioritis is known as the last semester of high school, and the terms refers to the lack of motivation it entails. 

Suddenly, for seniors experiencing senioritis, studying for tests, completing homework, or mustering even the least amount of effort to just take notes during class seems like too much work (trust me, I know). However, even though the second semester of high school means we are one step closer to graduation, it doesn’t mean senior year is over. 

So, my fellow seniors, it is time to pick up our heads and continue on the journey that we have been on for the past four years. Instead of just going through the motions, we should be focused and dedicated to the work in front of us. Colleges still receive a final transcript and can deny a student from financial aid awards. 

Here are some ways to help avoid senioritis, according to Campus Explorer

1. Keep track of your responsibilities 

Stay organized and stay on top of your work. A calendar can help with organizing schedules and planning for future events. 

2. Stay up to date with grades

College admissions officers will be looking at your final transcript. They will be paying close attention to the courses that you will be taking in your final semester. The information will continue to be checked even after an acceptance letter. 

3. Find fun ways to celebrate senior year (within reason)

Enjoy spending time with friends and family before senior year ends. Go to prom and the Disney trip. Something can be as simple as catching a movie with friends or getting dinner. It’s important to have some time for yourself, especially since next year, no matter where you are, will be completely different from life now.

Seniors, our time isn’t over yet. Be proactive and make a mark for yourself. Your story isn’t done at RV, it’s still being written.