Cole’s Corner: unpacking the near-fatal Tiger Woods crash

Golf’s most interesting celeb can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight

Tanner Cole, Sports Editor

Cole’s Corner is a regular sports column by senior Sports Editor Tanner Cole. 

Just about the most thrilling (in a bad way, not a good way) thing to come out of golf since — well, when golf started — happened this past on February 22. The most well-known golfer, Tiger Woods, was in a rollover accident in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

If you know anything about Tiger, you and I are thinking the same thing: what was he on? Despite being the most famous golfer of all-time, Woods has had his fair share of drama. His father being a cheat, his spouse hitting him with a nine iron in the head, his extra-marital activities as a serial cheater or his famous DUI where a fire hydrant was his enemy have all brought attention to his face. With recent rumors of substance abuse, just about everyone’s first thought was whether or not this guy was on something. Luckily, the Los Angeles County Police department stated Woods was sober at the time of the crash and had no illegal substances in his system (which is a relief for whoever is in a crash).

Coincidentally, the LA County Police Department received three new squad cars and additional artillery.

Just kidding.

More details about the crash: Woods was on the way to a promotional video with NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Justin Herbert. Woods was running late to the meeting and like many Americans running late, he floored it. The downside: the roads where Woods was driving are curved and hilled. At a sharp turn followed by a downhill drop, Woods found himself moving too fast and ended up hurt on the side of the road. Woods suffered most of his injuries to his right leg, where he had several open fractures. In emergency surgery, Woods had a rod placed in his right tibia, and several screws and pins put into his foot and ankle. By the time this guy is done playing, he’ll probably be 50% fake material. Woods says he is recovering from those injuries and the emergency surgery.

People never take the easy answer for what it is. We are told Woods was speeding, but some now believe Woods actually fell asleep at the wheel. According to experts, the injuries in Woods’ right leg indicate he was applying pressure at the time of the collision, which would be a little late to the party. I read this and thought, “well, who wouldn’t be breaking when they are crashing,” but another worthy piece of information was there were no tire tracks. If Woods was moving too fast, his car would skid along the curve in the road and flip over. Instead, Woods’ car continued straight instead of somewhat following the curved road with no tire tracks. I think falling asleep behind the wheel is a stupid answer though. He either for some reason was daydreaming while in a rush (unlikely) or on his phone trying to do something and drive at the same time. I think the latter is more believable.

A tradition in Woods’ game is to wear black pants and a red shirt on Sunday, the final day of competition. Better known as “Sunday Red,” it was on display in the tournaments being played this weekend. Household golf names like Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Tony Finau and many others showed their support for Woods by wearing his Sunday Red. 

Who knows what more could come out of this. Will people even bother rumoring all the possible reasons for the crash, or just let Woods be and finish out his career? One thing is for sure: when he does return to competition, he will not be the same. Ever since Woods won the Master’s in 2019, his career has been slowly slipping away, as expected. He is old and worn out, and this near-death experience will definitely put him further down on the list.

Though, when Woods does return it will be a sigh of relief for the entire golf community, and all will be well in the (golf) world.