It’s time to pull out your Juicy Couture sweatsuit because early 2000s fashion is making a comeback

Nostalgia and social media have created a longing for all things 2002ish

Emily Haber, Arts & Culture Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has stirred up a sense of nostalgia among teens reminiscing about old times, mainly the 2000s. The 2000s brought us Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Paris Hilton, “Mean Girls,”  “Clueless,” a surge in new technology and a new sense of fashion. The fashion styles of this era featured baggy jeans, sweatsuits, yoga pants, tube tops, lots of pink and stylish accessories — and they are back.

Some questionable Y2K fashions such as wearing ties with everything, dresses over jeans and capri pants have fortunately not returned, but many other styles from this era are featured on numerous different social media platforms. Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube are filled with influencers such as Emma Chamberlain and Charli D’Amelio who haven been wearing many of the different trends of the early 2000s. In one of D’amelio’s latest Instagram posts, she can be seen wearing baggy jeans and a cropped top. Chamberlain iconically wore yoga pants with a turtleneck and a Nike sweatshirt that sparked a trend. 

“My favorite pieces of fashion from the 2000s is low rise Von Dutch jeans with cropped halter tops and mini purses,” said junior Emma Traver

The fashion styles of the 2000s are everywhere now. American Eagle and PacSun retail stores sell many of these statement pieces from the early 2000s and Amazon makes it easy to find specific pieces made by different brands to add to your wardrobe. Thrift stores and online stores like Depop offer vintage and nostalgic clothing pieces from this era at affordable prices. There are also small, lesser-known online shops that specialize in the Y2K style such as and ariels.boutiquee based on Instagram. 

While the clothing styles from the 2000s are popular, the accessories from this era are exploding across the fashion and style world. Baguette bags that were popular during Y2K are making a comeback. These bags can be found in almost every color and every print style. Rimless sunglasses are another fashionable accessory making a strong comeback from this era. Butterfly clips and claw clips have become very popular once again as people featured on TikTok and Instagram are unlocking their inner Y2K personas for their supporters to follow. 

Early 2000’s fashion inspiration can be found on Pinterest. Thousands of Y2K fashion styles are posted to inspire you when building your wardrobe.

“I think that early 2000s fashion is so popular because people are able to express themselves a lot more freely in their outfits,” sophomore Bridget Weller said.

If you’re looking to unlock your inner 2000s kid and feel the great nostalgia of the Y2K era, be on the lookout for these styles. This trend does not look like it is leaving any time soon. So check your closet, local thrift store or even do some online shopping to get your hands on the iconic styles of the early 2000s.