Top 5 women empowerment movies to watch this Women History Month

Not all feminists are out there on the picket line. Check out some influential females in these films, currently streaming on Netflix

Kennessy Baban, Arts & Culture Writer

With this never-ending and increasingly-boring quarantine, many have found it difficult to express their appreciation for certain influential months. And now, as we are far into March, which is Women’s History Month, many organizations have found it equally difficult to showcase how important this month is. But have no fear, Netflix has provided many people with the best women empowerment movies to bring back the spirit of the month. 

Starting with the first, and number one movie, that portrays how strong and influential a woman can be, is the movie “Revenge” (2018). For people who want ruthless, vigorous women, “Revenge” is it (and it is R-rated). The plot follows a young woman who is assaulted and left for dead by some men, but luckily she survives. The film follows her as she seeks revenge on her attackers. A word to the wise, this move does portray many gruesome and mature themes and it is advised that adults should be the only ones to watch this. However, fortunately, among this list is a showcase of Netflix’s women empowerment movies for all ages. 

With Black History Month in the rearview mirror (but the need to continue awareness throughout the year), it is crucial to include all women in this Women’s History Month. The second women empowerment movie is “Hidden Figure” (2016), which portrays three very talented and brilliant Black women who helped NASA achieve the stunning accomplishment of going to the moon. “Hidden Figures” showcases the impact of segregation and racial discrimination that women of color have to face, and what is more empowering than a woman who stands against enforced oppressive laws. Not only that, but it’s a positive influence to young girls to learn to be hard working and resilient no matter what is against them. 

Speaking of including all women in this list of women empowerment, the Disney animated film “Moana” (2016) is a good movie to watch in the interest of including young girls during this Women’s History month. Set in the Pacific islands, “Moana” presents a strong, ambitious female who goes against traditions and creates her own story. This Disney classic has quite the empowering message to give to little girls who watch: a princess does not need a prince in order to create her own happily ever after. The film is, however, for all who want to enjoy a good fairy tale. 

For those out there who are into superheroes, “Wonder Woman” (2017) is a great selection to watch during this important month. Gal Gadot, who stars as Wonder Woman, is s a powerful and determined warrior princess who fights against anything that is standing in her way. Gadot’s Wonder Woman would go on to fight in the DC-Marvel films as the lone female superhero. “Wonder Woman” is a great figure to watch during this month as she is always presented as an advocacy for feminism. 

Lastly is the throwback movie “Clueless” (1995), which includes 1990s pop culture, fashion and trends. “Clueless,” which many critics believe to be a modern-day twist on Jane Austen’s (another iconic feminist ahead of her time) “Emma,” is fun, and depicts many themes of love, society, womanhood and friendship, all through the eyes of a Beverly Hills high school student, Cher Horowitz. 

This list is no way a definitive list for movies to watch during this Women’s history month, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more amazing films and other activities to appreciate this month and it does not have to be only women that can do this; it is a month that includes all.