Is “Ginny & Georgia” the next “Gilmore Girls”?

Calling all fans of Lorelai and Rory: there is a new mother-daughter duo in town

Maria Hickman, Arts & Culture Editor

Are you in the market for a tv show like “Gilmore Girls” that has the same awesome mother-daughter duo? Or are you looking for a show with great characters and storyline? Well do I have the show for you: Netflix’s new show “Ginny & Georgia” is the culmination of all of the above. 

“Ginny & Georgia” is a show about a mother named Georgia who moves to a new town to raise her two children, Ginny and Austin. However, Georgia has a dark past and her secrets she has worked so hard to bury may be resurrected. It does not help that her teenage daughter Ginny is also wanting answers and her youngest son Austin is having trouble adjusting.

Part of what makes this show so great is that it has stellar cast. Antonia Gentry plays Ginny and does a great job of portraying the emotions that every teen faces and more. Brianne Howey plays Georgia; her portrayal makes you truly feel for her character and all the hard times she has faced just to get her children ahead in life. It also helps that her southern accent is so accurate that no matter what she says it sounds so sweet and you will catch yourself trying to copy it. Felix Mallard plays Marcus, Ginny’s schoolmate who likes to act tough, but deep down is a sweetheart. He is definitely someone you start off hating, but he will grow on you and you will end up loving him.

When watching “Ginny & Georgia” you can see it has many different similarities to “Gilmore Girls.” Both are centered in a small town with a single mother raising a daughter, except Georgia also has a son. Lorelai, the mother in “Gilmore Girls,” and Georgia both had their daughters as teenagers and would both do anything to help out their kids, although you’ll see Georgia does take that to the extreme. You will also fall in love with Ginny like you did Rory and want everything to work out for her. Zion, who is Ginny’s dad, is like Christopher, who comes around every now and then and manages to mess everything up in the process. You will also fall in love with bad-boy Marcus like you did with Jess.

The primary reason why I really liked this show is because of the conversations they have about racism. In the show, Ginny’s mom is white while her dad is black, so she is mixed. This leads to conversations about how people of mixed race feel like they don’t belong in any group. The show also touches upon how most people do not know how to deal with the curly hair that most black people have, which happens to Ginny. It also shows how most people don’t think that they are racist, but have underlying racist tendencies. This happened to Ginny with one of her teachers as he always singled her out since she was the only black student in his class. With “Gilmore Girls” you never had these important talks about race and racism which is important, especially during times like these. The cast is also more diverse than the cast of “Gilmore Girls” and more people will be able to relate to the show.

This show is rated TV-14 and has a lot of sexual content, violence and self-harm. These topics may be difficult to watch or some people may find them triggering. If any of these topics affect you, I do not recommend watching the show.

Other than that, you should definitely watch “Ginny & Georgia.” This show is captivating and will definitely leave you wanting more. It also brings a lot to the table when it comes to race and racism that you just don’t get with “Gilmore Girls.” The show also centers around strong females which is always important for girls to see and know. Overall, I am satisfied with this debut season and can’t wait until the next season airs.