The best and worst dressed at the 2021 Grammys

We break down who wore it best and who needs to rethink their life choices


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Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion at the Grammys

Maya Martin, Assistant Editor, Arts & Culture

Creative expression? Attention? Whatever the reason is for celebrities to dress in statement outfits at awards ceremonies is valid for our enjoyment to sit back, relax, and do what TV watchers do best: judge others from our couches.

This year’s 2021 Grammy Awards had some creative, eye-catching outfits and even matching masks. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, in the eye of the Holly Spirit Press. To recap, here are some of the best and worst dressed at the 2021 Grammys. All looks can be viewed on Vogue’s site here

BTS popped out rocking Louis Vuitton matching with a black, white and brown look. Although the group didn’t go for statement outfits, their classy suits caught the attention of many eyes. Men attending the Grammys don’t usually have much variety in styles of suits, but BTS was able to create a soothing color scheme and coherence.

Megan Thee Stallion won her first Grammy and looked good doing it! The new singer appeared in a gorgeous bright orange Dolce and Gabbana dress featuring a stunning big bow on the back. The neon colors suited her perfectly and stood out as a pop of color. It is definitely a memorable dress that stands out from the crowd.

Never failing to impress, Harry Styles wore a Gucci suit with a matching yellow patterned mask. The purple boa completed the outfit and continued Styles’ ideal of fashion with no gender. “His outfit was one of the more basic outfits which I liked better than going over the top,” RV sophomore Joelle Darragh said. “I really liked the boa he wore and how his mask matched his top.”

Lizzo, an absolute queen, showed up to the event in a shiny pastel green dress with matching shoes and jewelry. The outfit was beautiful all-around and was a nice difference in color and shimmer in comparison to the other attendees. As a role model to the younger generation, Lizzo continues to impress her fans whether in music, activism or fashion.

Taylor Swift appeared wearing a stunning Oscar de la Renta flower dress and a matching mask. The dress consisted of an assortment of different flowers putting together the perfect aesthetic to match with her “Folklore” album. When asked his opinion of Swift’s attire, all RV Junior, Ryan Hans, could say was, “Queen.”

Although there were many elegant gowns and outfits during the night, some people went for a statement piece that may turn heads in a negative way. Jhene Aiko showed up in a poofy pink gown somewhat resembling a lufa. The top and bottom were two separate pieces but came together as a big giant poof. Not only was the dress unappealing, but it looks hard to walk in as well.

Debi Nova showed up in a hot pink Georges Chakra dress. The dress gives off the vibes of a 1980s prom dress with a bit of modernization. Although an interesting idea, the dress seems a little too chaotic for the night. The pink color of the dress is a little basic for the event, and the pop of purple just looks like a giant ink stain.

Jackson and Phoebe Bridgers showed up to the event in skeleton-inspired attire by Thom Browne. Their outfits fit the vibe of their musical choices but are a little gloomy for such a flamboyant event. “It’s a little gothic, but I appreciate the way that they both managed to look somewhat identical,” senior Alanna Burden said. “Compared to the other outfits of the night, however, this one was definitely not my personal favorite. It looks a little costumey.”

Appearing in a brown-tone suit is Latin artist Jhay Cortez. The singer made some interesting choices including black sneakers with long black socks and capri suit pants. The outfit overall was just a little too casual and mix-matched for the event. The look gives off a streetwear kind of vibe and is not your typical male fashion for the Grammys. Plus, sneakers at a formal event should be an immediate red flag.

Noah Cyrus received the most attention throughout the entire night with her Schiaparelli cream-colored dress. Memes flooded the internet overnight, insulting the dress for looking like a pillowcase. Freshman, Carly Seal said, “I think the dress itself would have looked good, but all of the extra material around her kind of ruined the outfit.”

The variety in brands, colors, patterns and flamboyance blew away viewers as expected. Every year, although different outfits are worn, the theme of outdoing everyone else is revived as tradition. The attire worn throughout the night raises the question, is fashion always about creativity, or can it also be a tactic for attention?