RV ends hybrid schedule

Students who want to attend school in-person will have to come all five days

Maham Zulfiqar, News Writer

As vaccines for COVID-19 are being distributed throughout the country and confirmed daily cases are declining, many traveling and public-gathering restrictions are being lifted. Schools throughout the nation have also allowed more students into their classrooms and have even taken away the remote learning option. 

Starting Monday, April 19, Rancocas Valley plans to end the alphabetical cohorts in place since September, as well as require students who chose hybrid learning to attend classes in person all five days of the week.  However, students still have the option to stay or switch to remote learning if desired.

This change comes after a decrease in COVID-19 cases among students and staff and new CDC guidelines stating social distancing in schools can be reduced to three feet. Cleaning procedures in place since the beginning of the year and mask mandates will remain in effect.

Whether the remote learning opportunity will be discontinued before the semester concludes remains unclear; however, it can be predicted that RV is taking steps to ensure traditional pre-pandemic in-person learning is a possibility for the upcoming school year.