Who runs the court? GIRLS

After a long off-season, the girls improved their record and made some memories along the way


Brianna Ottey, Sports Writer

After a few friendly preseason practices and some solid competition from other south Jersey schools, RV’s girl’s volleyball team had a heck of a season.

With many new faces and even more returning faces, the girls were excited about what the season would bring. Even with a shorter season, the girls strived to have a better record than the last. This was a challenge because they only had 16 games this year compared to last year’s 24 games (but what is a Red Devil if not ambitious?). They were successful on this front, accomplishing a 9-7 record, a huge step forward from last year’s 8-16 record. Above everything else, they remembered to hold their heads high, despite the outcome of the game, and always had fun. 

“Although it was sad that we had less time to play this year, it only made us work harder and appreciate the time that we did have together,” said junior Gabby Fisher. “The season was so much fun and I’m so grateful that we got to have one at all. I love the game and I love my team, RV volleyball is definitely one of the highlights of my high school career.” 

As this was the first time many of the freshman players played volleyball on a competitive level, they were welcomed with open arms by veterans on the team. The coaches and players created an environment filled with kindness, respect and love. The season’s outcome reflected the bonds they created.

“At first I thought volleyball was a simple sport that didn’t require much… but I was wrong,” said freshman Shayna Miller. “Volleyball requires lots of skill and strategy to ensure success. However, the coaches made sure to prepare us all as best as they could for the season ahead. Volleyball is honestly one of the most fun sports I’ve ever done. My teammates also made the experience 10 times better. I’ve made so many friends through volleyball that I continue to laugh with even after the season has ended.”

Despite the shorter season, the team became more than just a team for many of the players. 

“As quick as the season went, I had so much fun building new friendships and creating many new memories,” said junior Laurel Young. “I will forever remember the crazy bus rides and Mrs. Soares’s famous Spanish words of the week. I am beyond proud of this team and what we were able to accomplish, even with the pandemic.”

At the end of the season, many of the girls were heartbroken to say goodbye to seniors Jenna Tomasch, Madison Floyd, Sophia Garces, Kristina Yamaka, Makayla Kizer and Kaleigh King. Floyd will go on to continue her athletic career at Duquesne University. 

“I was so happy to have my senior season with such great coaches and teammates,” said King. 

Sadly, the dives, spikes, bus rides, trips to Rita’s and weekly Spanish words have come to an end, as the Red Devils put their uniforms aside and wait for next season.