Upcoming senior activities at a glance

In a year full of back-up plans, what does spring look like for the Class of 2021?


Photo courtesy of Mr. Maniglia

Last year’s graduation, which included a number of changes as a result of COVID

McKenna Gaskins, Student Life Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year. As senioritis has struck and students are impatiently waiting for summer, it is time to say goodbye to a graduating class like no other. These seniors have survived through nearly three semesters full of twists and turns while preparing for the world ahead of them. So, how is RV planning to celebrate these resilient individuals? What kinds of things can we expect for the Class of 2021?


Senior Prom

Due to the current COVID guidelines, RV administration and senior planning committees had to get creative this year when it came to accommodating the safety of seniors during prom. Taking everything into consideration, prom was scheduled for Saturday, May 22 from 7:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. at the Trenton Thunder Stadium. 

“I think it’s great because we have a unique opportunity and situation ahead of us,” said senior class president Marissa Yee. “We could have chosen a traditional ballroom, but we wanted to do something that would accommodate COVID restrictions with gathering sizes, but we also wanted to get the most students in. Since we’re doing it at the Trenton Thunder stadium, we can accommodate 500 students guaranteed instead of only around 200 kids. I think it’s really nice because it’s a change of setting, but I don’t think it’s a trade off, but something just unique and different.”

Along with the unique location of prom, the class of 2021 is adding their own twists to the yearly senior activity. 

“We have a thing on our Class of 2021 Google Classroom page where students can put in song requests, and usually that’s not really done because the DJ picks. But we’re definitely trying to get the class 2021 flavor into all of this,” said Yee. “We also have the Instagram RV prom dress page so anyone who wants to wear a dress wants to show off their dress beforehand, and every girl is hyping each other up in the comments section. I think even small things like that just celebrates what the class of 2021 is all about; it’s just something to get us excited about what is to come.”

This year especially, prom is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel for the senior class. With the prospect of prom being cancelled early on dampening the hopes of many, the concrete date of such an event is astounding.

“We want prom to be amazing,” continued Yee. “We really want it to be just senior prom. Not COVID senior prom, but senior prom.”

Top Golf

As an additional way to celebrate the senior class, RV is hosting a day at Top-Golf on Wednesday, May 26 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Seniors will get to partake in two hours of play surrounded by friends and complimentary breakfast, all the while getting attendance credit for the day.

“Imagine how awesome it is; instead of being on a Google Meet or sitting in class, you’re going to be at Top Golf playing with your friends in a bay eating food,” said Yee. “It’s just a great opportunity that isn’t something extracurricular or after school.”

Free breakfast food, time with friends and Top-Golf: the ultimate morning for the class of 2021.

Great Adventure

Next up for the senior class is a day at Six Flags Great Adventure on Friday, May 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Twelve hours of pure fun and freedom in an amusement park. 

“I think it’s really cool that for students who couldn’t afford Disney,” said Yee. “We’re still getting an amusement park experience with all the thrills included for a very reduced price. It’s basically just a whole day where seniors can run around Six Flags and really make memories and have an experience.”

Liberty Lake

Another amazing opportunity lined up for the senior class is a day at Liberty Lake on Tuesday, June 8. The day will include unlimited use of the site’s sports fields, pools, lake, paddle boats and mini-golf, and a buffet lunch with a variety of food.

“I know [Liberty Lake] may not be something that many students look forward to doing in the summer anymore, but it’s so close to us, and it’s something that most people just don’t even think about,” said Yee. “I think RV is providing a great opportunity for us to take advantage of some really great outdoor activities because Liberty Lake has really great outdoor type things.”

“While I am sure it has not been an ideal senior year,” said Student Activities Coordinator Mrs. Rosenthal, “I am hoping that [seniors] are excited about the opportunity to come together as a class at the end of the year events.”

“Adopt and Sprinkle a Senior” Program

Started last year as a way to celebrate the outgoing seniors, the Adopt a Senior program is a Facebook page dedicated to sprinkling seniors in a fun and unique way.

“We were inspired to do this when we saw this being done last year,” said the page’s creator, Carrie Steffe. “Never did our current seniors ever imagine this would be how their senior year would end up; they’ve missed out on almost every fun event of senior year. Many have expressed they feel forgotten and while they understand we are in a pandemic, it’s hard not to mourn the loss of everything that’s wonderful about being a ‘senior.’ The page was started to get the community involved in sprinkling seniors with attention to show them how proud we all are of them and that they deserve to feel a little special and acknowledged.” 

To adopt a senior, a parent, guardian or senior themselves posts photos of the senior along with a short bio. Someone comments on their post that they want to adopt them and then all communication and exchanges take place between the “adoptive parent” and adoptee off of the page. There are currently over 600 members on the page with seniors getting adopted within minutes of being posted. This page is really a terrific way of celebrating and sprinkling the class of 2021 in a unique way only the RV community can.

“The community has really rallied behind these kids to make them feel special,” said Steffe.

“It’s a really great opportunity and I am so appreciative that the parents of the class of 2021 and the community are so great,” said Yee. “They’re always willing to help out and willing to fund us, just to make everyone feel special. I know that Miss Steffe especially has been really great at moderating that, and it’s just great to see how all facets of the community are coming together to really embrace the senior class.”


As we begin to crawl closer into planning the month of June, questions about graduation come forward often. As of now, even those questions can’t be answered. All we know is that the class of 2021 will have a graduation ceremony of some type. And, no matter what it looks like, RV will do its best to make it as special as possible for these resilient seniors.

Ask anyone a year ago if they’d expect RV to be hosting a senior prom, the answers may vary. But, as we’ve seen from the start, the overarching goal for our RV community is to celebrate and uplift the senior class in any way possible. Things are looking up and becoming more positive by the day. So, as we enter that time of year again, prepare the band for the pomp and circumstance, because the senior class is going out, and they’re going out their way.