Letter to the Editors: a love letter to RV’s teachers

Amid a global pandemic, teachers have persevered — and they deserve the world for it

The following is a letter to the Editors from Principal Martin, submitted on May 5. 

Let’s pause and take a minute. Teachers, this is your week. To appreciate means “to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of.” Well, how on earth can you grasp what has transpired over the past 14 months? While there may be no precise metric to calculate this, our teachers have exemplified the ability to improvise and teach our children despite the myriad of obstacles hurled our way. It is true.

To seek blame for the difficulties we have encountered or to even try to reason during this ongoing pandemic is fruitless and downright exhausting. What is uplifting, however, is witnessing the ongoing determination of our faculty to press forward during unprecedented circumstances. They are directing plays despite the challenges of the pandemic. They are coaching teams to success. They are logging on at all hours to check in on students. They are negotiating curriculums and making everything from quadratic equations to Shakespeare interesting and interactive. Teaching through a computer, working with clay from home, creating labs (virtual or in-person), coaching on how to stay fit, instruct students in the art of dance, teach reading comprehension, learning a new language, computing and solving problems, engaging in a club, staying after class for a check in, playing an instrument — the list is endless. For you see, our teachers are not magicians, they are masters of their domain. They are obsessed with ensuring they reach their children. They persevere, making sure that no matter what challenge is front of us, each child knows that they are cared for.

To our teachers at Rancocas Valley Regional High School, you are amazing. You are the best. Thank you.

Mr. Martin