Netflix’s “Hype House” stirs the pot

The reality show is comprised of TikTok stars and what else: drama, drama, drama

Malaika Awan, Arts & Culture Writer

As the popularity of TikTok grows in our society, it is slowly moving its way towards our streaming platforms. TikTok celeb and dancer Addison Rae recently appeared on the last season of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” alongside the usual Kardashian-Jenner clan. She has been reported to have a close friendship with Kourtney Kardashian. Whether or not you support the reach of TikTok influencers into mainstream media, their reach continues to grow more everyday. 

Netflix recently announced a new show to be premiered featuring the “Hype House” members. The Hype House consists of main members Nikita Dragun, Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), Larray, Thomas Petrou, Tony Lopez and more, all of whom have gained fame through TikTok. The response to this announcement has been bitter sweet: some are outraged and cancelling their Netflix trials, while others are overjoyed.

There are several controversies that surround the members of the “Hype House.” Tony Lopez, for example, was accused of sexual assault. Some report he will not be on the show anymore, but others doubt that. Another reason critics are blowing up was the “Hype House’s” response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people are accusing cast members of being hypocrites, and dangerous, because while COVID was raging in 2020, the members urged people to “stay home and stay safe.” However, many of them were pictured partying and not following pre-vaccination protocol. COVID cases were surging around the country, but they were all too concerned with partying their lives away. There have also been several allegations that members tested positive, and did not properly inform others of their diagnosis. 

The crowd most overjoyed by the announcement of the show are mainly pre-teens, and some teenagers. The Gen Z community has claimed it will be good to see that these people have their own lives. They claim they are not just celebrities, but real people too. However, we are hearing less of that and more backlash behind it. Shows like this have defied the odds and enticed people. In a way, Netflix could turn the public controversy towards their favor, just like with “90 Day Fiance.” Many made memes of the show because of how bad it was. However, right now, that seems unlikely until the show is released. 

As a result, there have been several petitions put up online to cancel the TV show. Whether or not you support the “Hype House,” the show is a force to be reckoned with. The publicity, whether good or bad, has been working for the cast members and their reach has gone farther than any other show before. I personally will not be watching this show for obvious reasons: A. It’s not my cup of tea B. I do not support them. If anyone wants to watch it, be my guest, but don’t say I did not warn you.