Cole’s Corner: I’m so over Joel Embiid

Can we collectively agree that Embiid doesn’t have the heart to get us to a championship?


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Joel Embiid being mediocre

Tanner Cole, Sports Editor

Cole’s Corner is a regular sports column by senior Sports Editor Tanner Cole. 

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece of a little forecast as to what I, the overly critical Sixers fan, expected to see in the upcoming year from the new and improved Philadelphia 76ers team. I discussed how I thought the non-traditional point guard style of Ben Simmons did not compliment Joel Embiid to be a better player, and vice versa. 

The time has come for me to reevaluate the odd, but statistically successful season.  

As of right now, at a record of 44 wins and 21 losses, the Sixers are in first place sitting 1.5 games ahead of the Brooklyn Nets.

A few things I was right in theory, but wrong on paper about:

Ben Simmons cannot shoot a three pointer still, but they are still succeeding. When Simmons and Joel Embiid are on the court at the same time it looks bad, but what does that matter if they are in first place? My criticism is nothing if they are doing well, which I think would be fair if I lay off the Sixers and let them do their thing. They are in first place, so what does a suggestion to better the game mean if they are already the best they can be?

Unfortunately, the Sixers cannot go around saying they were the best team in the NBA or even the Eastern Conference because they are not finished. The 2020-2021 NBA season eastern Conference champs are not the Sixers. Though I hope that happens, I am not satisfied with calling the Sixers winners when they have claimed nothing but a good record.

I could praise the Sixers for their record, but who are we kidding here? This is THE Cole’s Corner; we only criticize the Sixers. Plus, with my mentality regarding the season not being finished, there is only room for critique.

Despite being in the MVP race, but not likely going to win it, Embiid is a big, big baby. He must be made out of some fine china or something because I feel like he is always out. I, the more fragile high school boy, feel like if you are in the NBA you have to be able to experience some pain — especially if you are a seven-foot-tall man who is extremely muscular and well-shaped for your height. The time that Embiid landed on his knee and it kind of went inwards for a second is the only exception, because that did actually look like it hurt. But Embiid is always getting hurt for something like his back or his finger. I read that Embiid is out with a “sore back,” and I can’t help but get upset, because to me that shows little heart — and an even littler heart for the team. He speaks of his dedication to the Sixers, but I feel like one day Joel may want to live in Miami and not boring Pennsylvania, and just like that our savior Joel Embiid is gone.

[Joel Embiid] speaks of his dedication to the Sixers, but I feel like one day Joel may want to live in Miami and not boring Pennsylvania, and just like that our savior Joel Embiid is gone.

— Tanner Cole

And look, I know the mentality of the staff, including Coach Doc Rivers, which says that whatever the medical team says, goes. And when you’re first in your conference there is no harm to put him in and risk the outcome of him further hurting himself. It’s just frustrating as a fan of the franchise who has struggled in the playoffs with a leader who is constantly out. It makes me doubt the team and doubt where their hearts are. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

Simmons has been fairly quiet though. With Embiid holding the spotlight, Ben does not get enough credit, and per usual is the number two man on the Sixers. Similar to Embiid, I feel like any minute Simmons could get up and leave Philadelphia. Rather than drive to Mt. Laurel to go to Top Golf or having to live in a not the nicest city, Simmons can pack his bags to live with the Jenners wherever they live. 

I hope as much as the next Sixers fan that the team goes all the way, but I will not speak any further on that as I’m a little bit superstitious (actually, I’m super stitious). 

We can sit back and watch the regular season come to an end with the franchise who looks promising, but is as fragile as the prestige Eagles Super Bowl season to the four win season this past year.