Everyday should be Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day may have passed, but there is always occasion to celebrate moms

Madison Dutcher, Student Life Editor

To all the mothers out there, THANK YOU! For all of the countless hours and effort you spend on your children, you are the greatest gift. Even though it is not said enough, none of us would be here today without you. Mother’s Day is a day where it’s all about you and we can give back a little something in return for everything you have given us. And quite frankly, we don’t think it should be limited to just one day. To us, moms deserve love, attention and to be showered with gifts any day.

Whether it’s your biological mother or birth mother, they deserve a gift that can represent the love you have for them. I know for me and my sister, finding the right gift is nearly impossible. Nothing could ever compare to the amount of love and gratitude that we have for our mother. However, over the years we have found the best gift ideas are the ones that come from the heart. 

Being a high school student getting paid minimum wage is not exactly ideal. Here are a few cheap gift ideas from Good Housekeeping that can go a long way:

  • Small Triple Zip Crossbody Bag; $17.95
  • Mom Mantra Cuff Bracelet; $14.97
  • Travel Jewelry Organizer; $11.49
  • Actual Handwriting Bracelet; $28
  • Personalized Birthstone Necklace; $16.50

The website has over 60 perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day. The list ranges from cheap to luxurious gifts where you will be able to find the right gift for you. Whether the gift for your mother is something small or large, she will appreciate it; anything that shows some thought into the gift will be more than enough. 

Even though a gift shows meaning, just spending actual time with your mother will mean the most to them. Turning off your phones and focusing on what’s in front of you will go a long way. Watch a movie, play board games or go out to dinner. Anything that resembles gratitude will be something that they will remember.

Before you know it, we teenagers will be out in the world without relying on our family. This is the time to be thankful for our mothers raising us and turning us into the person we are today. So, thank you mothers. You are the real reason we make it in the world.