Cole’s Corner: thank you golf team

Did you know we have a golf team?


Photo courtesy of RVRHS Athletics

The boys team after their win at the BCSL Tournament

Tanner Cole, Sports Editor

Of the many memories that the many characters of RV have given me, this one will always stick with me. Despite its simplicity, it is something that always makes me laugh inside whenever I think about it.

My freshman year, I remember walking in the D wing behind two girls — obviously upperclassmen by their pace of walking — and an announcement comes over the loudspeaker.

“Boys golf practice has been cancelled for after school today.”

The two girls look at each other, clearly confused, and one of them says (to my great disappointment), “We have a golf team?”

I cannot help but find this funny now, as I have spent four years putting time and effort into the team. I also thought that the upperclassmen on the golf team were the “cool kids” of the school (well, sort of). But, there I was with these two older girls, likely in their third or fourth year at RV, who did not even know that the golf team existed. As stupid as it sounds, it’s funny, but I do not blame them.

Most high schoolers hate golf, but I have appreciated it every second at RV. Even though I may have cursed my way through at least once for every hole I have played for RV, or even golf for that matter, I still have appreciated it. I remember my freshman year literally shaking at the thought of having to play golf with these intimidating seniors, not to mention with the freakin’ disciplinarian of RV. I could not withstand that sort of pressure. I still may not be able to handle pressure today, but playing at RV has definitely helped me with my confidence and on the flip side of that, handling pressure.

Thanks to RV golf, I walk into situations with more confidence. That comes with being more prepared for sure; but even when not prepared, I have learned my way through fighting pressure. My freshman and sophomore year, I would head into “matches” (games, but for golf) with the idea that I need to beat this player, and that I will likely struggle, because they are just simply a better player. When I play now, I have the mindset that I’m playing against the golf course. It makes it better in the end.

When I play now, I have the mindset that I’m playing against the golf course. It makes it better in the end.

When I play badly, I don’t blame it on the pressure, it is solely based on how much I do or do not suck.

I know this is nothing special, but it is no more than a thank you to RV golf, Mr. Turner or even RV for that matter.

A good portion of my memories at RV are all bundled up into the golf team, and yet, some girls walking in front of me in the D-Wing didn’t not even know it existed. It’s what makes RV pretty special. Sure, I am a little butt-hurt from time to time that people don’t know about the golf team, but more likely than not, those girls had their own version of the golf team in their lives — a community that they were able to create and be a part of.