Learning curves: the Lady Devils lose to Moorestown, Seneca

Despite the team’s losses over the weekend, the team remains positive going into Monday’s game against Burlington Township

Adrienne Austin, Assistant Editor, Sports

The first quarter of the Girls Varsity game against Seneca on Saturday morning started with high energy. The cheers of the parents of the team yelling from both sidelines intensified throughout the game. RV’s coaches and sideline were in a frenzy of excitement at the starting whistle. Unfortunately the uproar wouldn’t carry the team to victory.

Despite the 4-1 loss at home (following a 3-1 loss against Moorestown on Friday), there were many close call shots and some great offensive work. Senior Sanai Jenkins used her speed, which helped her make the distance across the span of the field. Additionally, sophomore Carly Seal was able to take a number of shots on offense, keeping the Seneca defense sweating throughout. The team was also backed by a strong defense which held the Golden Eagles to four goals.

The back-to-back losses have given the team some pause, but many didn’t view the weekend’s games as a downfall; rather, many saw it as a learning opportunity for next time. 

“I think we learned a lot from the game today,” said Head Coach Diana Cermatori. “Playing really good opponents helps us figure out what our weaknesses are and where our holes are. If we can take it and learn from it and make it better next game, then a loss is a good loss.”

If we can take it and learn from it and make it better next game, then a loss is a good loss.

— Coach Cermatori

Jenkins, who had lots of positivity about the game, believes the team performed great considering their circumstances. “After having a game last night and having one this morning, we played really well for having played two games in less than 12 hours,” she said. “I feel like as a team we were pretty good. We were really giving our all.”

Seal too sees the positives in the losses and uses them as  learning experiences. “I think our connection built as the game went on and our communication got better, but there is always room to improve,” she said. 

The team still has time to sharpen up their skills and have plenty of games coming up to prove that. “I think we are just going to try and come out strong on Monday [against] Burlington Township, and use what we learned then,” said Seal.