A preview of Homecoming 2021 at RV

For many, this is their first Homecoming in years…or ever


Photo courtesy of Dr. Maniglia

Scenes from the last in-person Homecoming at RV in 2019

Alexandra Hascek, News Writer

Football, posters and decorations are all hot topics at Rancocas Valley because the school is finally getting back to its normal traditions and activities for Homecoming. With October already here, students and staff are excited for all of the many different events going on. 

For Homecoming, each grade has a theme that they plan around and use to compete with in events, including the parade with different structures and the class skits. This year, the school-wide theme is “U.S. Cities,” and each grade has a different location. The seniors have New York City, New York; the juniors have Los Angeles, California; the sophomores have Honolulu, Hawaii; and the freshmen have New Orleans, Louisiana. 

During the week of October 10, all of the main Homecoming activities will be taking place. This is also Spirit Week, during which students dress up according to different themes, including tropical shirt day, role reversal, pajama day and finally RV pride day. 

Thursday afternoon through Saturday night, students will be involved in many events around the school. These three main days are heavily prepared for, as students spend weeks decorating backdrops, painting posters, practicing skits and dances and more. The events and times are as followed:


2:30pm – 10:00 p.m.

Hallway Decorating



Begins at 7:00 p.m.

Parade with Structures and Class Skits

Directly after parade: around 8:00 p.m.

Powderpuff Game



2:00 p.m.

Varsity Football Game

Approximately 2:45 p.m.

Halftime Activities

7:00pm- 10:00 p.m.

Homecoming Dance


Thursday kicks off the events with students staying after school, rallying their spirits and decorating the hallways with a variety of posters and paintings made during the many upcoming weeks. 

Friday night starts off with a parade. This is where students all come together and bring a structure associated with their U.S. city, showing off the classes’ different designs. Large wooden bases and backdrops are covered in tissue paper and other decorations to make up these structures. 

Following the parade, class skits will be performed. These skits are a combination of different songs, dances and short scenes made up by each class associated back to their theme. Then the junior and senior cheerleaders and football players “reverse roles” for the Powderpuff game: the girls play football while the boys cheer on the side. This game is one of students’ favorite events.  

Saturday, the Varsity football team will be going up against Cherokee for the Homecoming game at 2 p.m.. After the game, students will then return back to the school to attend the semi-formal Homecoming dance at th Devil’s Plaza. This year, it is an outside event and the number of tickets sold was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Since Homecoming events did not happen last year due to safety regarding COVID-19, this will be the first time for both the freshman and sophomore class to be participating in the activities. 

I am excited about this year’s homecoming,” said Mylee Lafftery. “Due to COVID, we didn’t have it last year and it’s something I was looking forward to since it was a new high school experience. I’m excited to hang out with my friends and for all the events that come with Homecoming.”

Juniors and seniors alike are also excited to get back into RV’s traditions. “I’m really looking forward to everything becoming one big community again,” said junior Julia Guardino. “I think a lot of us lost out on some things and with Homecoming back this year we are able to work together to try and win.” 

Many teachers are just as excited. “Everyone is really excited for the parade and the game,” said class of 2024 adviser Mrs. Searfoorce. “I really believe that both the staff and the students are looking forward to Homecoming weekend.”

This year’s event is not without its reservations, however. “I think that many of the sophomores didn’t know much about Homecoming since it was cancelled last year,” said Mrs. Searfoorce. “For both freshman and sophmores, this is actually their first Homecoming experience at RV. As the class of 2024 adviser, using technology to promote interest really took off once some of the photos from previous Homecoming activities were posted in Google Classroom along with the open invitations for students to participate.  I think that once students see how much energy and excitement there is during Homecoming Weekend, they will want to participate even more next year.”

“I am most excited for the Powderpuff game,” said Lafferty. “I think it’ll be a cool experience seeing a football game with the girls playing and the guys cheerleading. Also, a couple of my friends are in the Powderpuff game and it’ll be funny seeing them play.” Guardino shared the feeling of eagerness. “I’m really excited for all of the fun activities like spirit week and the powderpuff game to happen,” she said.

Around RV, students of all grades cannot wait for this week’s events. If nothing else, the normalcy the event offers is something to look forward to.