How to pick a spooktacular Halloween costume

Last minute ideas to get scary this weekend


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Halloween costumes at Spirit Halloween costume store

Maya Martin, Arts & Culture Editor

Need helping coming up with a last minute Halloween costume? Well no need to worry because the Holly Spirit is here to help! Whether you’re looking for a costume to strut by yourself or a fun group costume there’s so many great and original ideas to choose from.

Going solo for a Halloween costume can sometimes be challenging being that there are so many different costume genres to choose from. You have different categories like scary, funny, witty, cute, or characters.


Solo Costumes

One type of solo costume that can never go wrong is a scary costume. You can choose to go with a certain scary character or even just wear a simple outfit with blood splatters and gore. It’s a simple costume that can be whatever you make it to be given your budget. Use what you have and put together some old clothes, make some rips, buy some fake blood, and voilá!

Another classic singles costume is recreating a meme. Over the last few years plenty of people have been rocking meme costumes, and they always get so much attention and praise. The best meme costumes are from vines, funny characters or memes so old you almost forgot about. Trying to guess what meme someone is can be so fun, especially because it is such a simple costume with only a few details to guess what it is. Whether you chose to be Kermit the frog sipping Lipton tea, an avocado, or the “This is fine” dog, your costume is sure to get a laugh. Don’t forget to use props, add simple details that will show what you are and even include a picture of the original meme somewhere on your costume if you want as well!


Doubles Costumes:

Planning on matching a costume with a friend? Be a famous or television duo! There are so many directions to go in with famous duos including cartoons like Spongebob and Patrick, Lilo and Stitch and Scooby and Shaggy. Aside from cartoons, there’s classic duos like Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson, Jim and Pam Halpert and Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. Famous TV duos are some of the most beloved costumes and make for great photos and conversations. Plus, there are so many different options no matter gender, genre, or how well known the duo is.

Couple costumes can be a tough one to pick out because like famous television duos, there are endless options. Some of the most popular include Harley Quinn and the Joker, a police and criminal, Jack and Sally Skellington and so many more. You can base your couples costumes off of almost any genre of costumes as long as you incorporate some form of matching.


Group Costumes

One of the most difficult costumes to put together or think of an idea for is a group costume. You need to find a costume that everyone agrees upon, make sure everything is matching, and make sure everyone has the designated costume they want. It can be very chaotic and time consuming, but as long as you are dedicated, you can put together an affordable and cohesive group costume.

A classic route to take like the iconic duo is to do an iconic group or friend group. Depending on the amount of people you have the different options there are, for smaller groups ideas like the Scooby-Doo gang, the Incredibles, or the power rangers is a great fit. For larger groups, you can do iconic groups like Mario Kart characters, “The Office” crew, or the characters from “Toy Story.” Big groups like these get so many compliments and although they are meant to be a group costume, when split up or in small groups, the idea of the costume is still apparent.

Another direction your group can go in, are costumes that are not based on a group and can be up to as many people as you’d like. Some famous ones from over the past few years are different colored crayons or m&ms and different varieties of candy. They can be simple and cheap DIYs or an easy to buy off of amazon.

Halloween is coming up closer than you think, so now is the perfect time to pick your costume and start your “DIYing” or buying! Whether you’re doing a singles, doubles, or group costume there are so many creative and original ideas that are perfect for this upcoming year. Pick your costume category, brainstorm ideas, and put together that spooktacular costume! Happy Halloween!