RV celebrates Italian Heritage month

RV’s Italian teachers have been setting up celebrations throughout October.

Bridget Weller, News Writer

Italian Heritage Month is a celebration that happens every year in October. Starting October 25, students at RV celebrated all things Italian culture through different activities and events.

The school celebrated in a variety of ways. Italian music played between each block, and during the morning news, RVTV played videos taken a few weeks ago during some of RV’s Italian classes. 

In the language hallway, students hung up Italian flag banners and used Italian flag lanterns to decorate the doorways to their classrooms. In the Italian hallway, they hung up posters celebrating Italian history and culture.

Italian Heritage Month means a lot to the Italian teachers here at RV.

“Italian Heritage Month is an opportunity for us to be able to spread Italian culture and be able to share all the unique experiences that Italians have,” said Italian teacher Mrs. Teresa Nale. “Also for me, being Italian is an opportunity to share my own heritage with the people in the building, my students and people generally.”

Mrs. Nale was the most excited for the cooking demonstration “I have to say I’m excited for all the activities in general. But if I had to pick one, it would probably be the cooking demonstration. Students will be able to take these skills and use them for the rest of their lives and have the opportunity to be able learn how to make meatballs. It’s really hands-on and fun for everyone to do.”

Mrs. Nale and Ms. Arpino hope to see you sign up for the activities set up for Italian Heritage Month. If you are interested in more info about the Italian Club, stop by C-225 or email Mrs. Nale or Ms. Arpino.