Mac Miller’s new song “Yeah” and his legacy

The re-release of the 2014 mixtape “Faces” excites Miller fans

Emily Haber, Arts & Culture Writer

Mac Miller’s untimely and tragic death in 2018 didn’t stop his influence on music. The recent re-release of one of Miller’s mixtapes, “Faces,” on October 15, is a testament to his legacy and impact on hip-hop today.

Previously released in 2014, “Faces” was immensely popular; however it was not released on streaming platforms. The recent re-release has excited fans who did not realize it included a bonus track. The album includes 24 songs but on Spotify and Apple Music, there are 25 songs, as it includes a finale song, titled “Yeah.” 

This album can be argued as one of Miller’s best works. He sings about many issues he faces throughout this album such as addiction and death. 

A music video was released about a month ago for his song “Colors and Shapes.” The video illustrates the song lyrics and brings them to life; throughout the video, an animated version of Miller’s dog, Ralph, takes viewers through what seems to be a dream world or another dimension.

“The track felt very visual to me—like it had its own world,” director of the “Colors and Shapes” music video, Sam Mason, stated to Pitchfork, “This atmospheric nighttime place that was sometimes dangerous, sometimes comforting, then I saw a picture of [Mac Miller’s dog] Ralph and a story emerged.” 

Mason does a fantastic job creating what the song and lyrics symbolize, and he captures the emotion of the lyrics flawlessly. I believe Miller would be proud of the video. 

Overall, as a fan of Miller, I personally enjoyed his new album. I enjoyed listening to “Inside Out” and “Happy Birthday.” My favorite song from this album is “Colors and Shapes.” This album captivates his entire career through both the positive and the negative experiences he faced. Miller is a very talented artist and his music has left an enormous impact on fans. His legacy will continue to live on as all his albums have so many unique qualities.