Ms. Cunningham, Math teacher

Ms. Cunningham is one of the many new members to RV’s math team. She is extremely excited to be teaching Algebra 1 and has loved interacting with the students and staff. Ms. Cunningham expressed that she’s wanted to be an educator for most of her life; “I have known since seventh grade I wanted to teach math. Up until that year, it had made no sense to me, and I thought I was just another kid who was not capable of understanding math. It was not until my teacher, Mr. Morgan, explained to me the process of solving an equation. For some reason, he just made it make sense, and every day after that I was confident in my math skills.” She loves her students and fellow staff members, both being super helpful with how RV works. Even as a math teacher, she still learns new things every day, which helps make math both more interesting and almost like “a giant puzzle.” She may have been here for a short time, but she is managing with being a new teacher in a new school very well, especially due to the positive energy and atmosphere here.

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