Mr. Snyder, Science teacher

Proud RV grad and chemistry teacher, Mr. Snyder, expressed to The Holly Spirit how impactful the RV experience was for him; “As an RV grad, I fell in love with the tight-knit community and spirited culture that we all share here. I wanted to make the same positive impact on my students and share my passion for education, as the teachers at RV did for me. I ultimately decided to pursue teaching when I was a student at RV, and therefore wanted to come back to my alma mater and work at a place I call my second home.” The teachers then and even now motivated him strongly to pursue a career in teaching and he hopes to do the same to his students. He prefers chemistry because of how hands-on it is; it provides students the chance to interact with what they are learning and is generally a different method of teaching than other classes. However, due to COVID-19, teaching hands-on when some students are quarantined makes it difficult to teach, but either way, Mr. Snyder is willing to help his students understand chemistry and inspire them to pursue what they want to do.

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