COVID-19 vaccine approved for children ages 5-11

With the new approval of the vaccine for children, opinions of parents vary

Mikaela Bennett, News Writer

The COVID-19 vaccine has been FDA approved for children ages 5-11 as of October 26. The vaccine had been approved for those 12 and above for several months. Parents now have to make the decision on whether they will have their young child vaccinated or not. 

“I have very mixed feelings about it.” Ms. Bozarth, a mother of two young boys from Hainesport said. “Because I have, for the lack of better terms, healthy children, I don’t feel that there’s a need for them at this point to be vaccinated…it doesn’t buy them any different privileges at school, they still have to wear a mask. And if the mask is working then I don’t see a point in giving them such a new medication. I would rather wait before doing that.”

Over 50% of people in the world have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and 429 million doses have already been distributed to those that were eligible for the vaccine. The vaccine was found to be 90.7% effective in preventing kids from contracting the disease. Variating opinions run all across the country, and the decision may be hard for some parents to make. 

“I have a 5-11 year old, she’s actually six, and we do plan on getting her vaccinated.,” Ms. Wach, a first grade teacher and mother of two young girls from Hainesport said. “We’re not going to do it right away, but we are going to do it within a couple of months of the vaccine being out, we just kinda wanna see how it goes…I definitely feel that in order to stop this pandemic and to have kids return to normal and stop wearing the masks for seven hours a day, I think it’s the right thing to do as long as it’s safe.”

Schools all across America have been open since the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. Mask mandates are in place, along with many other procedures as well to keep staff and students safe while inside the building. Having younger students back in-person for school is another big leap for parents after having their children home and away from any possible sickness for the past year. Parents also have different opinions on this topic, as some want their child in school and others do not. 

“I think it’s a great idea,” Ms.Wach told the Holly Spirit. “The lack of socialization and little ones sitting in the same spot all day staring at a computer screen and not being able to be in a building physically was awful. It was just heartbreaking.”

Vaccines may bring a great change to getting everyone back together. Whether parents want to get their child vaccinated, the option is available.