Have Halloween all year long with Ice Nine Kills new album

The band’s latest album sends chills down your spine (in a good way)

Carter Freudenrich, Arts & Culture Writer

In theme with the Halloween Spirit, the metal band Ice Nine Kills has released their newest album for fans to enjoy. Long worked on and heavily anticipated album “The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood” is bigger and more intense than anything else the band has worked on previously.

As a record for the group in the first week of the album’s release, the album placed as #18 on the Billboard 200 chart, the highest the band has ever achieved. Their previous album “The Silver Scream” reached as far as #29 in its first week.

The band had the company of The Beatles, Coldplay, Mac Miller and ENHYPEN when it became one of the top-selling albums of their release week, further signifying their newest album as their best.

The album itself pays tons of homage to classic horror movies. In their song “Assault & Batteries” is a tribute to “Child’s Play,” and “The Shower Scene” references the thriller, “Psycho.” Their haunting tracks such as “Funeral Derangements” and “Farewell II Flesh” pack in the fact that the band is ready for Halloween and their fans should be too. The songs’ addictive sounds paired with horrifying storytelling create music that will make you forever tuned in to the Halloween spirit. 

The chilling songs will remind you of those signature horror movies that have your eyes covered but are still peeking through your fingers to watch more. Personal favorite song, Ex-Mørtis, is a perfect song to get into the scary and spooky spirit. Finish off your Halloween season with the newest Nine Ice Kills album.