“Bones or no-bones?”: Noodle the pug inspires self-care days around the world

The sensational 13-year-old pug and his owner have started a trend

Maggie Blackburn, Assistant Editor, Arts & Culture

The popular social media platform, TikTok, was started in 2016. It has been on the rise ever since, especially since the pandemic. TikTok is available in over 150 countries and it is estimated to have over a billion users. People have been using social media to communicate for years, but since COVID-19, many people have gravitated towards it. On TikTok, videos of all kinds are posted from dance videos, movie clips, acting videos, to funny/cute videos of your dog.

That’s how Noodle the pug and his owner, Jonathan Graziano, have accumulated over four million followers. 

Graziano posted a silly video of his 13 year old pug, Noodle, as a joke at first, but has now moved on to be a viral sensation. He plays a game with Noodle called “Bones or No-Bones.” Jon will pick up Noodle and get him to a standing position, then stop holding him. If Noodle holds himself up, it’s a “Bones Day,” meaning it will be a good day. If Noodle lays back down, it’s a “No-Bones Day,” which does not mean it is going to be a bad day. It just means it is a day to take things easy, and focus on yourself. 

Graziano said in an interview with New York Times, “No bones days? I don’t think they’re bad days. I think they are days where you just need to be very kind to yourself, sensitive of others, wear your sweatpants, take a bubble bath, self-care. That kind of thing. That’s certainly how Noodle handles his no bones days.”

People have found fun in guessing if it is going to be a Bones or No-Bones day, and also just enjoy watching the cute dog on camera. Although, some people have taken it as a serious sign that if it is a No-Bones day, they need to focus on themselves. The 13 year old pug has inspired self care days across the globe, while also bringing joy to all animal lovers.  

I personally follow their account, @jongraz, because I love dogs. And although I don’t exactly plan my day around what type of day it is, it is definitely a good start to the day to log on and watch a 60 second video of 13 year old, Noodle the pug.