RV’s annual French week celebrates all things francophone

Students and staff embrace the French language and culture with festivities

August Hobbs, News Writer

Every year RV takes time to celebrate National French Week during November. From November 8 to November 12 ,the students and staff of RV celebrated French culture with different activities and events. 

 The French department celebrated with French music playing in between classes, a video of students and families from french speaking countries playing on RVTV and students being greeted with French flags and music on Friday morning.

“It is our favorite French Club event we look forward to doing each year,’’ said Mrs. Bouchra Heiba, a French teacher. “National French Week is a week where French teachers in America celebrate French culture and the French language. This week is a different way of promoting how unique different french speaking countries are.’’

One of the most anticipated events for both club members and advisors is the trip to Philadelphia to visit a french bistro.

“There is a lot of inspiration from France in Philadelphia, so we are going to be visiting the french area of Philadelphia and having lunch at a French bistro,” Mrs. Heiba said.

The French club had karaoke on Monday and watched a movie while making crepes with a French chef on Tuesday. Both of these activities were open to any students who wanted to participate. On Friday morning French Club members handed out flags to students as they walk in the building.

 “Every day of French week is my favorite day because we get to see the enjoyment of the students and faculty being able to appreciate things about France and all the other french speaking countries,’’ said Mrs. Heiba.

This year’s National French Week was definitely enjoyable for both students and staff, and other students are welcome and encouraged to join the French club. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Pope, Ms. Michael or Mrs. Heiba or stop by C228.