“Animal Crossings” biggest update yet

Nintendo’s hit game gets the revamp players have been begging for

Kathleen DeJesus, Arts & Culture Writer

The “Animal Crossing” fanbase rejoices at the new Nintendo Direct update. From new gameplay to recurring friends, this update has something for both old and new players.

Released on November 5, “Animal Crossing New Horizons” 2.0 ushers in a lot to the table. In your island’s museum run by Blathers, a recently opened cafe called The Roost is here to enhance your museum viewing experience. Many fans were ecstatic at the appearance of Brewter, the pigeon barista. After an extensive day of running your island, sit down for a cup of joe, where island residents may pay you a visit. Multiple players can join you as well.

Another familiar face will appear on your island’s pier, Kapp’n! He’ll take you sailing along the blue seas to new lands. While on the way, you’ll get to experience his delightful songs.These islands have mysterious new flora, different seasons or can be a different time of day.

 Over at Harv’s island new shops are opening up. With the help of Harriet, Harv plans on opening a shop plaza behind the studio. All the traveling vendors that make an appearance in player’s islands will finally get their own spot, if you lend them a few bells. Bells are an in game currency for players to buy items. Characters like Sahara, Kicks, Redd and Leif will finally have a place to stay. Joining them, the lovely couple Reese and Cyrus have opened up a customization shop. Have any furniture that you can’t customize? Leave it to them. A new character Katrina will set up shop to read your fortune for the day. And remember Harriet? She’s the new hairstylist in town, coming with eleven new hairdos.

The final recurring face will be those of Gyroids. When planted and watered, the Gyroid will grow. They each make enchanting, peculiar sounds and are customizable. Gyroids are more likely to be found the day after it rains.

The dull monotony of the game will be no more with these gameplay improvements. On players island, plaza group stretches with villagers are now possible, using the joy con controller you can join in as well. With the new Island Ordinances you decide the time islanders walk around, at the price of 20,000 bells. Nook Miles are finally being put to use with these new editions like “Island life 101,” which gives tips for easy island living and making bells, eleven new reactions liven up your interactions and goes well with the Pro Camera App that allows for more dynamic pictures. Take a picture of your culinary work with the introduction of cooking recipes. With the recently added potatoes, wheat, sugarcane, carrots and tomatoes your dreams of farm life can be reality.

With the Pro Construction License up to ten bridges and inclines can be added. The Pro Decorating License lets you customize island homes. Customize the home’s exterior to fit your island’s theme or fix the interior with accent walls and ceiling decorations. With all the new items home storage increased from 2,400 to 5,000. Brand new furniture and types will be added through Nooks Cranny and Nook Miles. Lastly, a shocking sixteen new villagers will be available.

This update is packed with an array of new features, my favorite being the Pro Decorating License for the ability to customize my virtual home to any way I desire. This new update is the most consequential one, but, unfortunately, Nintendo has also announced that this will be its final free alteration. Though many are disappointed at this news, I reckon that this colossal overhaul is a perfect send off for the community.