Spreading thanks throughout RV

With Thanksgiving approaching, here is a look into the purpose of food drives in RV

Raven Shaw, Student Life Writer

As the festivities of Halloween come to an end, another holiday emerges in the midst of fall. Thanksgiving helps bring families and friends together to share thanks amongst each other over a table with hot food. Although this holiday brings joy and happiness to many people across the country, there are some people that feel otherwise. Some people who are less fortunate see this day as another stressful day in their lives, trying to provide clothing and food for their families. To take the stress off families shoulders during this holiday season, many schools across the country, including RV, hold annual food drives to help put hot meals on peoples tables for Thanksgiving. 

Graphic Arts teacher Mr. Arter has been teaching at RV for almost 20 years and is one of the teacher advisors for the food drive. We chatted with him about one of the many drives RV held this month.

The Holly Spirit: How long has RV been doing food drives?

Mr. Arter: When I had started teaching at RV, this wasn’t really something that was new, as it has taken place at RV and has been happening in past years.

HS: What is the main goal that you think RV has when it comes to the food drive?

Mr. Arter: RV’s goal of this food drive is to get students and teachers to help donate Thanksgiving foods to feed the less fortunate.

HS: This drive is put in place to help benefit people, but in what ways do you think this drive helps benefit the students?’

Mr. Arter: This food drive helps give students exposure to service in the school. It helps students recognize problems that many people that aren’t like them are facing. This also shows how little things worth to the students can make the day of somebody since stress is taken off of these peoples shoulders knowing that their family has a hot meal on their table.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is widely celebrated across America. Those who celebrate and are less fortunate should also feel included in the festivities of Thanksgiving because in RV, Mr. Arter, and many other peoples’ eyes, Thanksgiving isn’t just giving thanks for what you have, but it is also about spreading love and peace throughout communities to bring people together.