Donating to the community: National Honor Society Blood Drive

Twice a year, RV helps the American Red Cross by hosting a blood drive. Here is a look into the fall blood drive for this year


Meadow Drapala

Seniors Amy Kupa and Bella Cifaldi with a Red Cross volunteer

Mkenna Wimberly, Student Life Writer

Every year, RV partners with the American Red Cross organization to host a semi-annual blood drive. According to the Red Cross, approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells, 7,000 units of platelets, and 10,000 units of plasma are needed daily in the U.S.

Seniors Kerry Jamison and Logan Shaw, the blood drive chairs of National Honor Society, explain what the drive is about and the process of hosting the drive.

“The blood drive is a community event that gives teachers, students and adults the opportunity to give blood back to the community. We hold the blood drive two times a year, once in November and once in April with the Red Cross,” Shaw said. “The blood drive provides blood to anyone who is in need of blood or is at some type of loss of blood. One donation saves up to three lives.” 

The drive hosted at the First Presbyterian Church in Mount Holly had an expected turnout of 106 donors.

“Hopefully every blood drive donor is successful today,” said Jamison.

To ensure safe transmissions of blood, donors must fit strict criteria to qualify for donations. “Anyone 17 or above can donate as long as they meet any of the requirements and levels that your body has to be at,” said Shaw. “Once you get there, they will test you for all of that and if you meet the requirements, you can donate. If not, they’ll tell you your blood donation was unsuccessful. If you’re 16 you can donate, but you do have to get a consent form from a parent.

The Red Cross also has certain needs to fill through these drives, like supplying blood types that are in high demand.

“There’s also something called the Power Red donation that is more difficult to get,” said Shaw. “For a male, you have to be at least 17, 5’1” tall, and 130 pounds. Females have to be at least 19 years old, 5’5” tall, and 150 pounds. You also have to have type O, A negative, or B negative blood. That Power Red donation, though it has higher requirements, ends up giving twice the amount of normal blood.” 

With the success of collecting 83 pints of blood on the 18th, the Red Cross, volunteers and donors are thanked by the community and those receiving the blood. The importance of blood donation is stressed by the Red Cross as approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the US.