How the Holly Spirit celebrates Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, the Holly Spirit wants to share how they celebrate their turkey day.

Monica Mulhern, Student Life Editor

As the cold weather begins to settle and stores begin to advertise Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving still has to be celebrated. By giving thanks to people from your family, your friends, and even strangers, Thanksgiving is a holiday to be grateful and thankful for what you have in life. As a result, the Holly Spirit wants to tell you how we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Firstly, how everyone interprets Thanksgiving and its meaning varies. Some people see Thanksgiving as a holiday to reflect on themselves and life as a whole, while others only see Thanksgiving as a few days off from school and as a small break.

Opinion writer Nia Rolle states her view of Thanksgiving: “Thanksgiving means family and it means coming together with those you love at the holidays and sharing recipes and cherishing the moment with your family and friends while it lasts.” However you see Thanksgiving, it is still a holiday that should be cherished due to how it brings people together that, for some people, have not seen each other in years, especially from the pandemic.

Along with how people interpret Thanksgiving, there are always some fond memories that come from the holiday. Whether it be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or seeing the football games that happen, there are many things that are memorable about Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is something simple, as staff photographer Caleb Lederman stated, “My favorite part has always been the smell in the when I wake up on Thanksgiving day.” 

Even though Thanksgiving is generally about being grateful for your family and friends, you do not have to only be grateful for them. There are many other things to be grateful for, including your pets or even your own body.

Belle Kensler, an Arts and Culture writer, is grateful for more than one thing this year: “[I am grateful for] honestly everything, I know that sounds cliche, but there’s so much I have and I know I don’t always say it, but I am truly grateful for all the opportunities I have access to.” Being grateful for yourself, others, and just for everything as a whole is exactly what is needed this holiday season; amidst all of the chaos, finding something to be thankful for is what is important.

Additionally, many people have their own familial traditions for Thanksgiving. Sometimes they are more cultural experiences, represented with the type of food or events, or it can be something more entertaining and for family bonding.

“Every year my cousins and I play a huge game of spoons that doesn’t end until we get hurt or get in trouble,” states Mkenna Wimberly, a Student Life writer. It is the simple things about Thanksgiving that makes it the most entertaining holiday, and that is why being grateful for how simple and nice life can be without all of the other stresses is important.

Even if people just focus on the Thanksgiving food and the four days off of school, Thanksgiving as a whole is recognized and celebrated as a holiday of gratitude for what you have in life. Although following up Thanksgiving is Black Friday, which is by far the most ironic sequence of holidays. Either way though, being with your family and enjoying what you have is sometimes what you need to get through stressful times. Happy Thanksgiving, RV!