“Tiger King” Season 2: a train-wreck we can’t stop watching

Murder, mayhem and madness are back with more cats to let out of the bag

Kathleen DeJesus, Arts & Culture Writer

The pandemic staple, “Tiger King,” finally released its second season after its smash hit in March 2020.

With only five 40 minute episodes, it effectively jumps right into all the drama from the start. Joe Exotic is considered the main star of the series, yet his incarceration for allegedly contract-killing made an appearance nearly impossible, though the first episode delves into the movement trying to set him free. Replacing Joe Exotic’s missing spot is crazy cat lady Carol Baskin, criminal creep Jeff Lowe and animal abuser Tim Stark. These familiar faces are the main driving forces behind the show’s drama and psychotic antics. 

However, no rock is left unturned this time around. Lowe’s morbidly diverse criminal past and disgusting work practices at his zoo are on display for audiences to gawk at. Not even Carol Baskin could avoid scrutiny as the family of her ex-husband, Don Lewis, tries to dig deeper into his suspicious disappearance. Believing Carol to be the deceitful culprit behind their fathers alleged murder, the Lewis family seeks answers in the form of Troy Griffin, a psychic detective from YouTube.

Even though Tim Stark made his debut and sparsely emerged in season one, he played a more integral role this season. His part in brutal animal abuse is exposed, and its severity is soul crushing for anyone with a conscience. However, his treacherous treatment of his animals does not go unpunished. 

These shady characters are key focuses of the newest season, but past people, namely Joe’s coworkers, make an appearance in the form of mini interviews discussing life after fame.

Overall, season 2 of “Tiger King” felt like a convoluted mess of unethical adults looking to make it big by any means necessary. The cast is aware that they have eyes on them, which is why they play so much into their personas, no matter how detrimental. Crappy personalities mixed with an obscene amount of profanity makes for unlikeable temperaments yet entertaining television.

Unfortunately, the ones who suffer the most from these miscreant are the animals that are cruelly mistreated and used as toys. From psychic detectives to ludicrous conspiracies and heart wrenching animal abuse, the people involved often bicker for any attention they can get, not caring about the consequences of their actions nor the wildlife in their care.