December’s new moon brings new beginnings

Astrology fans rejoice! December’s solar eclipse begins a season of new ways to look at what’s ahead

Antonio Conover, Arts & Culture Writer

As the year is coming to a close, the eclipse season is still in full swing, as evidenced by this month’s new moon. This month’s new moon reached its full peak on December 4, just shy of 3 a.m., and was also a solar eclipse. This lunar moment has the ability to put us in touch with our truth and helping us to embrace adventure; therefore knowing how the December new moon eclipse will affect you and the rest of the world is a must.

December’s total solar eclipse took place in the fiery and optimistic zodiac of Sagittarius. This was the final eclipse in a year and a half cycle between eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius. The sun and moon are be accompanied by the communicative planet Mercury, which highlights the mental energy of this lunation and inspires us to think logically through our feelings. 

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, so it has a free-spirited and spontaneity-loving feel to it that can help bring out our more adventurous sides. During this time, it’s a wise idea to start manifesting any goals or plans you may have, as it is more than likely they will come to fruition later in the new year. Expect a sense of encouragement to connect with the people around you as well. They’ll help lift you up and push you to keep going after those dreams and turn them into a reality. Because this sign is associated with themes like travel, higher education, and spiritual expansion, this new moon is a great time to pay attention to any growth, realizations or opportunities that present themselves in those areas, regardless of your zodiac. 

“New moons bring new beginnings” professional astrologer Maren Altaman states. While this is true for most new moons, this one in particular is since it is close to the south node, “which represents the past or letting go”. What this new moon solar eclipse brings is closure, and new opportunities in various aspects of life. Whether it be traveling, learning, romances and even monetary opportunities, we can expect new beginnings in our personal lives. As a society, we can also expect some type of social uprising around this time. The north node in Gemini will bring an increase in data and information in short term attention span news, while the south node in Sagittarius is the release of large scale belief systems or entire coherent philosophies. With these key sister signs on opposite sides of the axis, we will find ourselves almost struggling to let go and begin a new journey. With that being said, the optimism that Sagittarius has and the adaptability of Gemini will allow for a fluid connection with endings and beginnings, meaning you’ll be a-okay.