The ultimate (last-minute) holiday gift guide

Need something in a pinch? Try one of these last-minute no-fail options

Isabella Kensler, Arts & Culture Writer

As the winter holidays are right around the corner, cultures around the world celebrate with different festivities. Though each holiday is unique to their own, one common factor within the holiday season is gift giving. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, gift giving is always an enthusiastic aspect. Sometimes finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is chaotic, but don’t worry, here is a guide for you.

For those who are feeling a little creative this month, first on the list, is a “DIY-ed” gift. Not everyone is crafty, but if you are, some of the best presents are handmade and from the heart. There’s many options of handmade gifts- such as homemade sugar scrubs or candles, a scrapbook filled with joyful memories, or even jewelry. If you prefer arts over crafts, there are gift options for your talents too. One of my favorite holiday gifts to give is glass ornaments that I’ve painted. You can go to almost any craft store and buy plain ornaments in bulk (whatever color you may like), and on each ornament you can paint a different winter scenery.

Next up on the guide to a perfect gift is for those who find spirit in the kitchen. Home baked goods are definitely one of the most delicious treats and I can guarantee anyone would be grateful to open a present of sweets. There’s plenty of recipes to fit all cultures and taste buds. In case you need some inspiration for choosing a perfect treat, some traditional December treats are, sugar plum danishes, gingerbread, sugar cookies, and chocolate coated pretzels. Maybe you want to get a little festive too, and create edible holiday creatures from the recipes. Homemade desserts are always a sweet, lighthearted gift for loved ones. 

Another gift idea to think about is a personalized basket. Baskets are fun because not only are they easy, but they’re specialized to each individual. To create a basket, you can go to any outlet and choose numerous small gifts, such as accessories, candies, small toys, candles or home goods (really anything that suits the person you’re gifting to.) Once you choose a few small items, you can add more of a main gift as well, like a giftcard to their favorite place. There’s so many options to baskets, that even some online shops will create personalized baskets to the theme of your specifics. Baskets, or bundles, are definitely something you might want to look into this year. 

Last on this list is fan merchandise. Fan merchandise is for sure the most expensive on this list, but is perfect for anyone. Not only are there thousands of celebrities to buy merchandise from, there’s also so many options to choose from, such as hoodies and sweats, and accessories.  Some celebs even have Cameo accounts, where you can purchase a specialized video from the celebrity to your loved one. If your loved one’s idol is a band or a YouTuber who tours, concert or tour tickets are also another amazing gift option. Fan merchandise is such a fun gift and experience for any one. 

I hope this list was helpful for you this holiday season. Remember it’s not about the price or the size of a gift, but the meaning behind it. You don’t need to show your love with a trophy, it’s the genuine compassion that matters. Even just a long hug can be a gift of warmth this winter.