“Spider-Man: No Way Home” lives up to the hype

The newest edition to the Spider-Man franchises finds its way home in the hearts of fans with the emotional yet action-packed film.

Tra'sean Nichols, Arts & Culture Writer

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” (NWH) took to the big screens premiering on December 17. This highly anticipated movie leaves the audiences flocking to the theaters to see the final addition to the trilogy of the fan-favorite character.

“Spider-Man: NWH” follows Peter Parker as he struggles to deal with the repercussions of his identity being revealed by the villain Mysterio. Not only did Mysterio disclose the identity of the teenage superhero, but he also framed Parker for the mass murder that he committed. Peter must handle the complications of being seen as a mass-murder and confronting his identity as a superhero, all while dealing with the most stressful part of his life; college admission season. In a place of darkness, he turns to a powerful sorcerer, Dr. Steven Strange. Still, when a spell doesn’t go according to plan, a problem on an interdimensional multiuniversal level starts to arise.

One thing that this movie possesses that is incomparable to other projects we saw throughout the year was the extreme support from the fans. Although the hype in the theaters was unmatchable, fans clapping and screaming whenever a surprise appearance was made, the excitement stays with viewers after they see the movie.

“I think it added much needed emotional development for Tom Holland’s character,” said Griffin Gaughan, a senior at RV who saw the premier. “He experiences a lot more emotional maturity in adult lenses through this film.”

The maturity aspect of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was long-awaited by many fans. “A lot of the other villains were contextualized as Stark villains and his method of interacting with Tony Stark as his emotional development, but this film moves past that and contextualizes him in a new light that you’ll see when you watch the movie,” said Gaughan.

The film showed great ambition to hold up to the audience’s anticipation. Left with unanswered for nearly three years after the shocking ending of “Spider-Man Far From Home,” fans were itching to see what happens next. With great anticipation comes the extremely high level of difficulty to fulfill common standards. There were terrific shots and stunning effects. The writers also did a fantastic job of pacing the movie, perfectly balancing the time between the complex characters within the cast. The movie possessed a balance of comedy and tragedy, which added to the sense of maturity of the film.

I can only describe this movie as nothing less than excellent.  As far as no spoilers go, the final addition to the trilogy left me in the theater with an abundance of emotions. Marvel has handled the much-needed emotional maturity by showing how Peter struggles with balancing being a superhero and an ordinary high school student was comically entertaining. It added much needed closure that we don’t get to see in the other movies.

Fans are obviously satisfied with the newest Spider-Man movie. It gave the audience things they have been asking forever since Holland debuted his character in “Captain America: Civil War.” I thoroughly recommend anyone to see this movie. Whether you are deep into marvel or just want a fun movie to watch, this movie suits everyone.