Humans of RV: Ryan Woodruff

Freshman football player Ryan Woodruff provides his reflection on a successful season as the new year begins

Maliha Tahia, Student Life Writer

The Humans of RV project is a weekly column based on Brandon Stanton’s seminal “Humans of New York” project, which seeks to “catalog the city’s inhabitants” through photography and brief interviews. RV seeks to expand on this project with our own “cataloging” of RV students and an examination into all the unique perspectives here at school. 

Note: this transcript has been edited and condensed for publication purposes.


My start of the great high school journey was a little earlier than others. It was back in June of 2021 when I was welcomed to the RV Football family, and since then, until a couple of days ago, I enjoyed being a freshman football team player. Of course, there was a lot of stress and being a part of the team was a huge responsibility. But still, the experience created memories that will last a lifetime. I appreciate the phenomenal job RV does to allow players like me to play and do my best.

Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

I was a wide receiver on the offense and linebacker on the defense. My goal during the season was to play the best I could. I am also determined to play throughout high school. Though, I am still unsure if I would like to do college football. I think what got me to where I am today is all the practicing I did ever since I started playing six years ago. Football really does impact me, especially playing freshman year. I created an identity and it gets my name out there. Just a proud way of thinking about myself.

The best and the proudest moment this season was when I was able to say I was the first player (of the season) to score a touchdown during the first game. That moment just boosted my spirit for the whole season, and of course, keeping the field in my mind, I try my best in everything in life. The coaches really do put our grades first, this is why playing makes me a better student and a person in general. My life is full of excitement because of football and being on the team this season truly made freshman year a great start. I couldn’t imagine my life and this year without football and this team, and I know I am speaking for the whole team when I say this.

I couldn’t imagine my life and this year without football and this team, and I know I am speaking for the whole team when I say this.

The season’s adventure was all about the people. I would say every single person I interacted with during the season impacted me, especially my teammates and my coaches. I was able to walk into high school on freshman orientation confidently knowing that they are by my side. Our team got along really well and made a lot of fun memories. Especially the bus rides, and the exciting vibes when a touchdown was made. The coaches, again, are also amazing influences. Especially for me; it would be Coach Schilling who pushed me out of my comfort zone.

The way the season went was we started with just practices in June. We just had workouts in the gym which were two days a week or every day in the morning. Then, we went two days a week, where we were on the turf, no pads, just shorts, and a T-shirt. We just worked on that for about a month. Once August 9 hit, it was full pads to practice, and that’s where our joints kind of started. Those were scrimmage games. Finally, in September, the games started. We had nine games during the year, we went six and three, and what makes this year special is that the freshman football team is the biggest it’s ever been. The high school football game vibes have fully returned this year.

I know most of the team will continue the awesome football journey we started this freshman year. I am really excited to play for RV in the future, but for right now, I am getting ready for next season.