The Weeknd gets emotional on “Dawn FM”

The lastest album by the pop star uses elements of fantasy and suffering to craft a bold new soung

Isabella Kensler, Arts & Culture Writer

On January 7, fans were excited to tune into The Weeknd’s newly released and fifth major-label album, “Dawn FM.” “Dawn FM” is a fan favorite for many as it represents an emotional aspect of The Weeknd experiencing both suffering and salvation throughout 16 different tracks. 

Not even a week after release, the album has crossed the charts in ten countries across the globe, according to “” The Weeknd truly captured the art of taking the world’s washed out watercolors and using them to create a beautiful and complete image in this album that many have come to love.

The leading track, titled “Dawn Fm,” coaxes the audience in with its 90 seconds of music with a spoken voice over commercial. The host, voiced by Jim Carrey, places listeners into an alternate universe saying, “It’s time to walk into the light and accept your fate with open arms.” This introduction sets the world building for the fantasy imagination that is felt by listeners to replace the woeful depression of this pandemic.

In “Gasoline,” one of the first songs in the album, The Weeknd describes his relationship with his current lover. The Weeknd expresses to his lover, not to let go of him, as she is the only crutch he has at this point. The lyrics, “I know you won’t let me OD (don’t you let me go),” allows the listener to feel The Weeknd’s internal sorrows, but also the compassionate support from his lover.

The fifteenth album on the track, “Less than zero,” wanders more into the dark with The Weeknd vocally expressing the perspective of his ex lover. The Weeknd feels as though the one he used to share romance with now views him as less than zero.

Similar to the introduction, the final song to this album is also a voice over by Carrey called “Phantom Regret by Jim.” This song acts as a final inspiration of goodbyes that truly allowed The Weeknd’s fantasy vision to come to life.

Personally, this genre of music is not my first choice, but I really do admire the raw emotion The Weeknd embedded within his album. If R&B and Pop Soul is your “go-to” music genre, I definitely recommend this album to you, as it not only is catchy, but also comes from the crucial truths of reality. Although this album is emotional, there is also a sense of hopefulness and understanding to listeners. For me, when I listen to music it is almost a sense of security from the darkness, and I think this album allows that for The Weeknd’s fans- a way to express that you’re not alone. 

Overall, the creativity in this album is so original and phenomenal. As a spectator, you can view the amount of detail and effort put into the album. Whether it’s the rhythm, featured artist, lyrics and much more, every aspect holds a painstaking purpose to paint this complete picture.