RAWN: the background

While RAWN is a huge event for RV students and staff alike, the origin of it is crucial to know about


Burlington County Times

The 2019 RAWN captains gathered together as they wait to find out who is the RAWN champion

Ella Ruminski and Andre Dominic Faigal

Entering its 28th event year, Red and White Night, or RAWN for short, is a critical part of RV’s culture. Since its first year in 1995, Red and White Night has brought together the school in a competitive pep rally between the Red and White teams. With the pandemic ceasing the RAWN events over the last two years, this beloved event is back and ready for its 26th event.

Since its creation, Red and White Night has been a main event in RV’s social calendar. Every year students, staff, and alumni gather in the large gym to watch their peers battle in order to be that year’s RAWN Champion. Leading up to the event this year, the current record is 12 wins for the Red team, 12 wins for the White team and one tie. This year will be the tiebreaker, ultimately increasing the competition.

Although this event is beloved by students and staff alike, RV cannot take total credit for the idea. Mr. Corcoran, one of the founders of Red and White Night, explained, “A group of teachers at RV visited the high school of Mrs. Seal in Bucks County as they celebrated the 25th year of their celebration. We used their night as the catalyst for our Red and White Night.”

This event known as “Gym Night” by Neshaminy High School has been around since the fifties and offers a series of dance-offs and competitions. Witnessing the school spirit and competitive atmosphere of Gym Night, the teachers at the event were determined to see a similar event at RV. It is because of this event that we have the opportunity to participate in RAWN today.

Red and White night has a long history at RV of bringing the school together and creating ample school spirit. Although the Red and White Night we have today looks a little different than the first few events. Mr. Heiser, one of the Red and White advisers, has been able to experience RAWN since 2000.

“My first year in 2000 at RV, it wasn’t sold out but it was loud, exciting, and the energy was there,” said Mr. Heiser. “By 2009, It was insane. We had people all over the gym, and my ears are still ringing from the memory of it. I recall the line that stretched all the way down Jacksonville road to the clock tower near the gym and that line started at 5:30, given the event started at 6:00 PM.”

In just a few years the event was able to drastically increase and grow into the event that we know today.

With the pandemic shutting down RAWN for the past two years, Red and White Night is back and it is shaping up to be possibly the largest and most impactful one yet. Although RAWN typically strives to bring the school together in a competitive setting, this year it is more important than ever. During virtual learning, students and staff were disconnected for a year and a half; the goal this year is to bring everyone together again.

Mr. Heiser believes that RAWN is so important for RV because, “it’s been a tough two years for staff, students, and the community. It would be great to have the underclassman finally experience the extraordinary event but also give the seniors an opportunity to carry out the tradition that’s been going on for over two decades.”

With seniors being the only class to fully experience the spectacular event it is their duty to share this competition with underclassmen and to bring back the event loved by so many.

Red and White Night will be back on Friday, March 25. As the first event since 2019, it is more important than ever to get involved and experience all that this event has to offer. Starting in early March there will be competitions and events during graderoom and tutorial that will begin RAWN 2022. This cannot-miss event will be monumental in establishing school spirit and bringing together the RV community.