2022 Super Bowl predictions: “We’re here for the food”

Who will win in the 2022 Super Bowl? Also what is the Super Bowl?

The Sports Desk

After the unexpected loss of the San Francisco 49ers to the Los Angeles Rams and a shocking win by the Cincinnati Bengals over the Kansas City Chiefs, many 2022 Super Bowl predictions have altered (sometimes very bigly) as the Rams advance to play the Bengals. However, predictions are fun, sometimes rooted in bias, created by bandwagoning, and often made without knowing anything about football. 

Here’s our best crack at being Super Bowl commentators.

Jya Marshall, Editor in Chief, Sports Senior Ed:

Despite being the underdog in the final championship game, as they are the last team without a Super Bowl Championship title and have not advanced to one since 1988, according to CBS SPORTS, it may finally be their year. On the contrary, the Rams bring experience as they previously won two NFL Championships, the 2000 Super Bowl, and this year, make their fifth Super Bowl appearance. However, despite the odds stacked up against the Bengals, I am rooting for them and hoping this is their year to earn their first Super Bowl title. Plus, Joe Burrow, the Bengals quarterback, is cuter than the not-really-known and not-that-cute Rams’ quarterback Matthew Stafford, which is pretty much what most of the young female viewers care about; and the Super Bowl Halftime show of course. My prediction: Joe Burrow wins America’s Finest man in a close race with Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr and the Bengals win 28-24.

Sherm, Benevolent Overload:

I think I speak for everyone when I say how the heck did Joe Burrow, the guy who eternally looks like the kid who got off the bus at the wrong school, make it to the Super Bowl? Well, he made it for a couple of reasons: for one, in the postseason, he learned he has legs and scrambled for several first downs against the Chiefs. Beyond him, the Bengals running back, Joe Mixon, has also become a powerful offensive force.

But on the other side of the ball, LA wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., best known for throwing fits on the sideline when things don’t go his way, has been a key target in recent games, particularly in the Rams win over San Francisco in the playoffs, catching nine passes for 113 yards. Couple Beckham with a number of other vets who are returning to the championship game, and the Rams look like a powerful force.

Unfortunately, I have to go with the Rams. As much as I’d like to see Burrow and some new faces win Super Bowl 56, the Rams are just too stacked with vets who are just there to win another ring. Get ready to congratulate Sean McVay on being the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl. My prediction: 48-24, Rams.

Scotty Allen, Sports Writer:

The playoffs have been anything but predictable with the defending Super Bowl champions led by Tom Brady losing to the Rams in the divisional round. Then, suddenly, 25 points were scored after the 2-minute warning between the Chiefs and Bills. The added wild card team did not seem to work for the wild card round as most of the games were blowouts and uninteresting. After the wild card games, almost every game has come down to a game-winning field goal.

For my expectations for this Super Bowl, it will come down to a game-winning field goal and of course, the two kickers in the Super Bowl have been two of the best this season. Joe Burrow is going to put up a fight, but the Bengals’ main source of offense is really just Burrow and Chase. The strengths of the Rams defense are pressure on the quarterback and Jalen Ramsey, one of the best cornerbacks in the league. If the Bengals’ offensive line can hold up Aaron Donald long enough then the Bengals have a shot.

However, the Rams are the more complete team, and Matthew Stafford has played at an extremely high level in these playoffs, along with Cooper Kupp to the point where they have been nearly unstoppable. Matthew Stafford will finally get his Super Bowl win after the Lions failed him as an organization. Stafford has been the most underrated QB and has been the most consistent QB of the last decade and giving it his all but has not had the team to win. In a hard-fought game, the LA Rams will defeat the Cincinnati Bengal 23-20 on a game-winning field goal from Matt Gay for the Rams’ 2nd Super Bowl win.

Riley Ruiz, Sports Section Editor:

To be honest, I do not watch much football, however, I do know that Joe Burrow is a really strong QB. I also know that the Rams have a strong defense so I can imagine that this game will be pretty intense. I know the games have been pretty unpredictable so I am really not sure who I think will win. I hope the Bengals will win because they are the underdogs, however, I do believe that defense wins championships so it will definitely be a really interesting game. With all that being said, I predict the Rams will win 27 to 24.

Aaron Rigby, Sports Writer: 

I’m going to be real with everyone, I don’t watch football at all. I couldn’t name you anybody on the Bengals other than Joe Burrow. The only person on the Rams I know of is Odell Beckham Jr., and I’m pretty sure he’s not even that good anymore.

Nonetheless, I’m supposed to give my Super Bowl prediction. From what I’ve heard, the Cincinnati Bengals are a team that nobody had made it past the second round in their brackets, let alone make it to the Super Bowl. The Rams are polar opposites. There were a lot of people who predicted the Rams to win it all. I was not one of them, I had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs, simply because the Chiefs have Patty Mahomes and the Bucs have, or now had, the GOAT Tom Brady. Now that neither one is in the Super Bowl, my interest is honestly depleted, and I kinda don’t care.

Since apparently everybody likes Joe Brrrrr now, I’m rooting for the Bengals, but unfortunately, they will be getting smacked around by the Rams on Sunday. Since the Rams beat Tom Brady into retirement, they must be pretty good. If I’m being honest, I’m more interested and excited for the halftime show. I care more about Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem than Joe Burrow and whoever Stafford is.  

Brianna Ottey, Assistant Sports Ed:

I honestly don’t know much about this year’s Super Bowl, mostly because I don’t care enough. I don’t even know who Joe Burrow is outside of the pictures I’ve seen of him smoking cigars and the annoying kid in my second block class that wouldn’t stop saying “Fly Joe Fly.” I know that the Rams have some good players and have previously brought home the championship ring, so I’m going to bet on them. However, I’m certain that the Bengals will fight the good fight. 

Adrienne Austin, Assistant Sports Ed:

I’m guilty of being “that person” who really only goes to Super Bowl parties for the food. And I know that’s especially sad, considering I’m a sports writer. I honestly haven’t watched any of the games this season, but one thing I have heard is that the Rams have a strong defense. Since I believe that defensive players are undervalued in many sports, I think the Rams’ defense will lead them to win. I do feel bad betting against the underdogs though, and because they have more to prove, it’s probably going to be a close game.