Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright: a breakdown of the TikTok scandal breaking the internet

Hype House member Jack Wright accuses influencer Sienna Mae Gomez of sexually assaulting him and manipulating him


Photo courtesy of Instagram

Sienna Mae Gomez’s instagram account

Antonio Conover, Arts & Culture Writer

On January 20, Tiktok star Jack Wright released an intensive video regarding the accusations made against 18-year old influencer Sienna Mae Gomez. While videos were released in the summer of 2021, Wright covers all the ground in respect to his experiences with Gomez, adding more detail and insight on the activities that took place.

In an emotional YouTube video titled “what sienna mae did to me,” Wright accuses the influencer of kissing, touching and emotionally manipulating him without any consent. Grossing over 19 million views, Wright has captured the attention of the internet, while consequently, Gomez lost one million followers in the matter of days. 

In the video, Wright describes four interactions between the two, where consent was not given before Gomez made sexual advances. He goes on to say that “These types of things kept happening” and it would be the same pattern of Gomez apologizing and Wright ultimately accepting it, despite her claiming that it wouldn’t happen again.

The most infamous interaction posted on Twitter and Tiktok was footage of Wright passed out on a couch, and Gomez straddling him, kissing him and touching him while he was unconscious. He also states that these interactions became “normal” but he was still “terrified” of her presence as these interactions kept progressing. 

In response to the viral YouTube video, Sienna Mae released a lengthy essay on Medium, describing her side of the story. Titled “Sienna Mae Gomez: Reflections from an 18-Year Old Me,” she states “Consent isn’t really something that is formally taught in school” and she was not aware that not everyone expresses affection differently. She claims, “All Jack and I ever did was kiss. I have never seen, felt or touched him naked. We spent several nights at the Hype House together but I never grabbed him asleep or awake. Yet I’m still being called a ‘rapist’ across the internet by those who don’t understand the meaning of the word.”

In defense, Gomez denies all accusations against her, but offers Jack a written apology. “Jack, if you are reading this: I apologize if there were times that I made you feel uncomfortable. I am sorry if anything I ever did triggered other things you have experienced or any feelings of discomfort.” With that being said however, in the same paragraph Gomez writes : “I’m so sad that this is where we ended up, and even more so that I’m now being used in a new and even more hurtful way.” 

This no longer is frivolous social media drama. The actions of Gomez have escalated into an internet breaking story where fame, power and “clout” are all at risk. In an effort to maintain her social media presence and fame, Gomez has released numerous YouTube shorts of her dancing and vlogging, while disabling all comments on her posts.